Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Some months after working on feather themed invitations, I found myself working on feather themed thank you cards. These are the glossy folded cards- In my experience, any time you have photographs, you probably want to go with a glossy card.

Largest magnet size offered

Here is an example of a 4x7 inch magnet with rounded corners. The couple had a photo with their date written in the sand. It was a great shot, but the heart&date would not have been visible at another size, much less including the wording and so forth. The 4x7 size turned out to be perfect, and with just a little darkening on the writing in the sand, we had an excellent design. The bright light in the center is just the result of the camera flash hitting the laminate.

Monday, November 26, 2007

More invitations

More invitations with a custom design. This customer went with matte cardstock. The palm/fern images are a custom design that she paid a little more for- and also then could obtain the file for her own projects. Main cards is 5x7 inches, rsvp is 3x5 inches.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

New magnet size

One of the custom magnet sizes I don't bother advertising is about 2.1x2.8 inches. This example shows a design created for a customer. The 3.5x2 inch size was just a little too narrow for the text, and, a little too long for her photo's dimensions. Needing a magnet size that was a little more squarish, but having a simple design that really didn't merit the larger 3.5x4 inch size, this project ended up being perfect for this new size.

Folded cards and magnets

This is a classic example of a 5.5x4.25 inch folded card & magnet combination order. The front is a simple, classic layout. Hotel information is printed on an inside panel, slits to hold the magnet on the opposite panel.

This combination always works well for small photographic magnets that won't have a large amount of text.

The other product I usually sell for mailing small magnets- flat slitted cards- are useful, but when there is more information to impart, folded cards work very well.

Fonts for the card text can easily be chosen to match the magnet design, and vice versa.

These cards are usually sold white or cream with matching envelopes. A few other colors of card stock are available, but always cost more.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Beach related invitations

These invitations were created for a customer of mine. She ordered her save the dates from me, then came back later with an invitation idea. Her invitation idea was a custom project, and so it took a while for me to answer her emails. She was patient with me, and we went went through number of revisions. At long last, the end result was a 7 card invitation, plus response cards. Because this is a destination wedding, there was a lot of important and useful information to include.

The 7 cards are 5.5 inches square. Invitation and RSVP envelopes were printed. Because we went with a linen card stock, I did have a higher limit against how small I would make the text. Each card design is mainly text- a fun font for the titles, a more basic font for the information- and seashells.

Also because of the linen card stock, I recommended not going with a photographic cover image. The photo cover image -also created just for her project- that we considered using for the invitation cover card was something to tie in with the glossy front save the dates and thank you cards she ordered. The thank you cards (left) glossy front folded 5.5x4.25 inches. Generally for any designs involving photographic and full coverage graphics, people are happiest going with glossy cards.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Table Numbers

Simple table numbers, made with white card stock, using the Olde English font. The number is printed on both sides, each side being about 4.25x5.5 inches. The bottom support allows for more stability, and also has a fold that that storing these tent cards easy.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Change the Date

Every once in a while, people have to change their date after sending out their save the dates. Things happen, plans change.

This is a post card 'change the date', made with similar fonts and colors as previously used for the save the date.

Sunday, September 2, 2007


Save the Dates that emulate sports tickets? Can do. Check out the example to the left- Think Red Sox. This is another one of those projects that was created for a customer based on their idea.

In respect of copyright, instead of using the actual red sox logo, I can draw up something similar for a logo. Most couples will end up going with a baseball or football graphic for similar ticket designs.

The example on the left is about 2.5x6.25 inches, printed on a 100lb coated stock rather than the 80lb cover glossy card stock used for many of the cards on my website.

Addendum: I thought I would add in a quote from the email this customer sent me...

"...Just wanted to let you know we received the STD's in the mail the other day and they are FANTASTIC!! You did such a great job and were so easy to work with. My sister (the only one who knows we are doing them) loved them as well. It's going to be hard not to show them off until April 08! If you ever need any recommendation, feel free to use my e-mail..."

Update, December 2009: visitors, please see the newer blog post about these kind of save the dates here. Also, don't forget to check out the website (click on the logo at the top).

Update, July 2011: Yes, you can still get similar save the dates! Magnets or cards, with or without envelopes. The "TicketMT9" design is close to the posted one here. You can have me change the colors, photo, and wording for your personalized awesomeness.

Check out the ticket magnet section here:

Those designs can also be printed as cards.

Also check out a few ticket designs on the save the date card page:

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Thanks, fall theme

One of my non-glossy cream folded cards printed with a thank you message. It all started with a save the date magnet. There is a small magnet design with leaves on the website, which they had me convert to work for their invitations and RSVPs, then finally the thank you cards.

For reference, the small magnet design is MV15 on this page: http://savethedateoriginals.com/details/MV15.php


One of the available invitation designs, edited colors, cream card stock.


One of my most recent projects:
Lime green card stock, black ink, attached to a folded cobalt blue piece. Feather theme for the design. Folded, this is 5x7 inches.

Magnetically speaking

Lets start with my refridgerator.

I claim that it is the prettiest fridge in the city.

Small magnets, medium magnets, large magnets, extra large magnets, custom cut magnets.

I did stop adding magnets to the fridge before I added the heart shaped and circular magnets to my product line.

Friday, August 31, 2007

Post the First


The purpose of this blog: just a showing of some projects I have worked on.

Because I am willing to work on custom projects, much of what I can make is not really represented on the STDO website. While admit that I need to update the website to more clearly reflect and explain more of the options and possibilities available to customers, I have very little time and have been running behind on this.

Thus, the blog. Every once in a while, I will take a photo of a recent project, and post it here along with a brief description.

I may also from time to time use this medium to impart news- such as vacation & hiatus dates, or sales & discounts.