Monday, November 26, 2007

More invitations

More invitations with a custom design. This customer went with matte cardstock. The palm/fern images are a custom design that she paid a little more for- and also then could obtain the file for her own projects. Main cards is 5x7 inches, rsvp is 3x5 inches.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

New magnet size

One of the custom magnet sizes I don't bother advertising is about 2.1x2.8 inches. This example shows a design created for a customer. The 3.5x2 inch size was just a little too narrow for the text, and, a little too long for her photo's dimensions. Needing a magnet size that was a little more squarish, but having a simple design that really didn't merit the larger 3.5x4 inch size, this project ended up being perfect for this new size.

Folded cards and magnets

This is a classic example of a 5.5x4.25 inch folded card & magnet combination order. The front is a simple, classic layout. Hotel information is printed on an inside panel, slits to hold the magnet on the opposite panel.

This combination always works well for small photographic magnets that won't have a large amount of text.

The other product I usually sell for mailing small magnets- flat slitted cards- are useful, but when there is more information to impart, folded cards work very well.

Fonts for the card text can easily be chosen to match the magnet design, and vice versa.

These cards are usually sold white or cream with matching envelopes. A few other colors of card stock are available, but always cost more.