Sunday, September 27, 2009

Save the Date: The equation

Below is a wedding save the date design that features... what looks like a math equation.

Quirky, fun, and for the math nerds who are getting hitched.

Even if your guests have not suffered through a math or physics class lately, they will get the gist of what it going on.

This is designed for a 2x5.5 inch magnet or card.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

A fun thank you card set

This is an example of a thank you card. This is folded card, made of white card stock. The butterfly graphic is in a lighter green, as is the name down near the bottom left.

You you can see, this card with combined with green envelopes. While colored envelopes are a little more expensive, they really made a your thank you card stand out from regular mail.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Save the Date: Gamers.

Sometimes, when one geek meets another geek...

There is one small save the date magnet design on the STDO website that pays homage to the gamer spirit:

This small magnet design features gaming dice. A fun change of wording that one couple went with was: "We failed our love save".

And then there is this wedding save the date, designed to look somewhat like a "Magic: the gathering" card.  It is a fun 2.5x4 inch magnet design that incorporates a photograph of the couple along with the geekitude.

Also, here is a larger 3.5x5 Super save the date magnet idea:

Send in your suggestions for geeky, nerdy, or fun save the dates!

A WOW (world of warcraft) design may show up in the future. For the alliance!

See more geeky save the dates in the OffBeat section at Save the Date Originals.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Nice bridal shower invitation

This bridal shower invitation is the newest addition to the "simple cards" section. This section focuses on black ink only designs. The example below is this design printed on a raspberry colored card stock.

The wording could of course be modified to reflect a save the date, birthday, or other type of invitation.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Poker Chip Cards

A customer of mine, who is getting married in Las Vegas, had the idea to make their save the date announcement look somewhat like a poker chip. This meant we would surely need something circular.

Available are circular cards or circular magnets, 4 inches in diameter. The minimum order of magnets is 100; The minimum for cards is 20.

Check out her design:

If you went with a card instead of a magnet, you would have a white back, with a printed front.

This design idea can easily be modified a bit for another wedding related event- such as a bachelor party- or just a personal casino themed party invitation.

If mailing these out alone, you would probably want to go with a 5.7x4.35 inch envelope. It's a common size, and thus less expensive than other envelope sizes.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Keeping it Simple

Sometimes, a person just wants something simple and elegant.

Below is an example of a personalized note card. This is a pale pink folded card, with a last name printed on the front in black ink. Approximately 5.5x4.25 inches.

This card is good for a variety of purposes- a handwritten save the date, a handwritten thank you, and other personal correspondence.

Going with a pale pink instead of white says "hey, something a little different here" without detracting from the elegant font style.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Boarding Pass Save the Dates

In a follow up to an earlier post with an example of a boarding pass, here is another example boarding pass save the date for you to take a look at. This new version of the design is longer, and features an airplane instead of a cruise boat.

This example is printed on white card stock, and is about 4x8.5 inches. This boarding pass also features the rounded corners, and the actual tear off section. Instead of orange and pink, this time we have yellow and blue as the main colors.

As usual, if you are interested in this boarding pass idea, but want to work out an alternate design with me, shoot me an email. See contact page.

Addendum: I have been asked whether this boarding pass save the date design could be printed on a magnet. The answer: A similar design could be created for a 4x7 inch magnet. This magnet size has rounded corners, but note that a magnet will not have a tear off section.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Save the Date Sports Ticket Design the third. People have so much fun with the sports ticket look-a-like save the dates, that it warrants yet another post.

Click here to read an earlier more detailed post on this subject.

This post is just to show off a slightly altered version of this design idea. This time, instead of a 2x5.5 inch design, we have a 4.1x2.6 inch design. This design features a clash of teams!

This new size is also available as either a magnet or a card, and costs the same as a 2x5.5 inch magnet or card. The best envelope size for these is 3.5x5 inches.