Friday, January 23, 2009

Save the Date: Valentines

Valentines day, 2009, is coming up in a few weeks. In honor of couples who may get engaged on valentines, or are getting married on valentines, I have a new design that is pink, red, and featuring hearts for those getting married in 2010.

This design is for the 2.6x4.1 inch size. This size is commonly ordered as magnets, but is also available as just a card. The card would be white card stock, with full color printing on the front. The envelope size you would need to mail these magnets is about 5x3.5 inches. Go with white envelopes, ruby red envelopes, or light pink.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Blog Title Graphics

These days, many many people are starting their own online blogs. Sometimes it's just a life journal. Sometimes it is a way to keep in contact with friends/family. And sometimes, the journal is about something more specific- political blogs, food blogs, scrapbooking blogs, some interest or goal of the blogger.

I don't know how things work with livejournal, but with blogspot and wordpress, you can add a title graphic. Sure, you can find many gorgeous layouts on the internet, that people have created. But the crown piece, the first thing the blogger sees- is the title. Many blogs just have some blocky text declaring their title.

Well, more and more people want something personalized, something custom, something... more interesting.

I've recently gotten a start on creating blog title graphics for people. My own, you can see, is not overly complicated. And yet, it is much nicer than a blocky "Save the Date Originals".

To view some blog title graphics I have created, follow this link.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Rolling Along

Updated January 29th:

The website is still under renovation, but most main pages are now converted to the new look. Design editing request forms are available. The sample ordering page is also now available.