Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Sometimes a customer will ask me if I can print on "glossy" paper when they are not actually looking for a smooth clear gloss. What they are looking for is that kind of paper that has a shimmer to it. This card stock or paper is called "pearlescent" or "metallic".

Personally, I love shimmery cards! White shimmer, cream shimmer, silver shimmer, you name it. Any invitation or save the date card is more awesome on pearlescent paper.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Taking care of business(es) part 7

There are a few things that a businesses can do to incorporate fridge magnets into their marketing.

The first option is obvious. A small to mid sized magnet that is essentially and advertisement for the business.

Example: 4x2.5 inch magnet for an Inn.

A second option is to put something useful on the magnet, and then to include a logo or website somewhere on the magnet. What might your customer find useful? Perhaps a local list and emergency or city phone numbers. Maybe a year calendar. Both of those options are excellent for keeping your business in a customer's mind in the short run, but after a year the calendar is no longer useful, and eventually, those phone numbers will change eventually.

Example: 8.5x11 inch calendar magnet.

A third option then is to choose some artwork, a fantastic photo, or maybe just a popular quotation about life and humor, as the focus of the magnet. This is somewhat like a "favor magnet" that just happens to have your logo or website link on it.

Here is an example of one of my own favor magnets, that includes a quote and champagne glasses. My website url is tucked right in there at the bottom.

Those are your basic options, but not the only ones. Each business might find a new way to use fridge magnets. Ziker Uniforms recently had an idea for magnets to hand out to their customers: 4x6 inch biographical magnets.

Ziker Uniforms has been around since 1917 helping businesses manage thier image and employee benefit programs.

The company recently re-routed their stops, and wanted to get the new Route Service Representative information to their customers. The bio magnets, which are different versions of the same design with the photograph and bio for each RSR, were a neat personal way to do that. The design includes the location addresses, phone number, website, logos, and RSR name, all of which are assured to "stick around" on the customer's fridge. Each RSR hands out magnets with their own photo and info.