Saturday, November 10, 2012

November Favorite

The project I am featuring this month is a 4x8 inch magnetic invitation.  Photographic save the date magnets are a common order, but actual invitation orders that are both photographic and magnetic are not common.  This design includes two photographs of the couple along with cherry blossom and bamboo graphics.

Just about any invitation card design from the website can be converted into a magnetic design instead, and of course, custom designs are available.

4x8 inches is also another magnet size that isn't actually priced out on the website;  Projects that require custom/random magnet sizes are becoming more common.  One of the advantages of Save the Date Originals is exactly the fact that custom sizes are available.  Any rectangular size up to 8x10 inches would be available.

Monday, November 5, 2012


My caption for this photo is:

"In a land of USPS, in a sea of boring white envelopes, there was a sparkle of metallic gold."

USPS stands for the US Postal Service, of course.

You have to admit that it is more interesting to receive a color envelope in the mail.  Consider some options for your upcoming 2012 holiday mailings... there are a lot of possible colors and even textures.  

You can actually order just envelopes here with Save the Date Originals, and even blank cards and card stock.  STDO doesn't keep a large inventory- this option is for customers who want to order something beyond the options available at a local craft store.  As with all other orders, there would be a few emails to sort out options and details before an order page was set up.

Customers local to Milwaukee, WI can pick up their orders instead of having them shipped.