Monday, December 23, 2013

Rose calendar save the date

This design comes from a recent save the date magnet project where we actually went with a pink rose instead of red rose.  The design idea is fairly classic, with a rose, a calendar, and the important information one needs to know.  Added to those classic elements is... a little bit of bling!  There is a fabulous ring placed on the rose in the photograph that was used.

This design is about 4x3 inches.  Soon to be added to the website, for now this design is featured only in this blog post.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Santa is a Wizard

Parents, it is time to stop hiding it from your children.

(Just a little fun!)

Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Save the Date Originals will be on vacation December 22nd-30th.

Orders placed in the week before the vacation started will have an added week to their production time.

Design work will continue up until 3 days before the departure date.

If you'd like a notification when STDO is back to work, you can submit your email address on this page:

Saturday, December 7, 2013

When to send save the dates for other events

Another question that comes up a lot: When do you send save the dates for a birthday?  Or for a Halloween party?  Or a Bar Mitzvah?

You didn't think people only sent out save the dates for weddings, did you?  Actually, people send out save the dates for a variety of events.  If you are planning something far in advance, it's going to be a big bash or important life event, or you want people to be able to schedule time of work... well, those are all the reasons you might send out a save the date.  Be it for a wedding, a first communion, a milestone birthday, or major wedding anniversary.  School reunions & family reunions are also common events that people will send out save the dates for.

For weddings, there is a fairly clear timeline on when to send out save the dates:

But for these other events, sending out a save the date a year in advance might be considered over-doing it.

The timeline is a little shorter for these other events.  You usually send out an invitation for a wedding 2-3 months in advance.  But for other events, you might only send out the invitation 1-1.5 months in advance.

You wouldn't really send out save the dates for a wedding 3 months in advance.  But it does make more sense to send out save the dates 3 months in advance for one of these other events.

In conclusion: It depends a little on when you are sending out the actual invitation, whether the event is going to require hotel bookings for a number of guests, and whether it's on a major holiday.  What I can say is that if you are thinking about sending a save the date for something like a big 60th birthday bash, 3-6 months in advance is a good timeline.

For a big family reunion in the summer, sending out save the dates with holiday cards tends to work well.

Saturday, November 30, 2013


You are moving!  Yay!

Now, instead of being repeatedly asked for the next year about your new address, you could send little notices to friends and family.

"We've moved" cards are getting more popular for exactly that reason.  Sure, you can email them the new address, and in several months, they may or may not remember which folder that email is in.

Better yet, though, is to include a fridge magnet printed with your address.  Then they really won't have an excuse not to find it.

Check out this combination of a card + a small magnet:

A card with moving truck, and the actual new address on the magnet.

To see pricing and to place an order, go here:

(Yes, colors can be changed)

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Taking care of business(es) part 9

One of the most important tips about deciding on a logo is the suggestion that you go with an artist that can make vector art.

If you go with someone that can make vector art, what that means is that after the logo is made, the artist can send it to you a high resolution file in any size you need.  A small version for social media;  A large version for a 24x12 inch car magnet.  If your artist can't do vector artwork, and they make a logo that is just 72dpi, it might look good on the internet, but it would look pixelated when blown up to a larger size.  Or it might look good printed small on a business card, but again, pixelated when set to a larger size.


Jessica at Crafty Kitty has been making these awesome one of a kind hand made cards for a while, and then started selling crocheted items too.

Here is an example of her work:

She recently decided that she wanted a nice, streamlined logo that still had a bit of Crafty Kitty personality.

We ended up with these two versions:

Each works well in different cases, and it is a good fit for places where you need a logo on social media profiles.  The logo can also be rearranged horizontally to work well in a case where she might need a long/short logo for some spot.

Now, check out her new business card magnet and business card.  The business card is double sided.

While it might be fun to go with a crazy elaborately swirly logo, something streamlined can actually make more of an impact.  And then the logo is more versatile- her logo fits into a more elaborate design for her business card front, but also prints well on a tiny 1 inch circular sticker.  Simplifying actually set the logo free to work in more ways and more places.

To brand her facebook page, she decided to go with a header that matched the front of her business cards.  This doesn't just mean uploading the business card design proof- that space needs a larger graphic that is a little longer and shorter.  I was happy to help with that!

Check out her facebook page:

Monday, November 18, 2013

Holy Save the Date

Save the date magnets are sent out for many an important life event these days, First Holy Communions among them.  There is already one 2.5x4 inch design on the website with a sky & cross background.  But a recent customer wanted something new, that would include a chalice.

We ended up with a 2.5x4 inch magnet design in gold and navy:

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Who sends the save the dates?

This question comes up now and then, along with: "On save the dates, what should the return address be".

It's not a cut and dry answer.  Ideally, the return address on the save the dates should be the same as they will be on the later formal invitations.  And... ideally... that would be the address of the person/family that is hosting the wedding.  Who is hosting the wedding?  The person who is paying for it!

The bride and groom (or couple) might be mostly paying for the wedding, or one of the parents might be.

When the parents are paying for everything, use their address.  This is also why you sometimes see wording like "Mr. Person and Mrs. Person invite you to the wedding of their daughter Bride to Groom...".  Because the parents are hosting the wedding, they are included prominently in the wedding invitation wording.

Sometimes, however, who is paying for what isn't even decided yet when you send out save the dates.

That's why there isn't an easy answer to this question!

If the bride and groom are already living together, that is an easy choice for the return address.  Even if someone else is paying for the save the dates- whoever is actually mailing the save the dates is the one that should have their return address on there, so that they can handle any that are returned for having the wrong address.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

25 free photo fridge magnets

A rare contest/giveaway is now underway on the Save the Date Originals facebook page.  Submit a family photograph and get votes for a chance to win.  4x2.5 inch photo magnets with clear envelopes would be an excellent addition to your holiday card mailings this year!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Scalloped favor tags

Favor tags are another one of those things that aren't posted on the website right now, but are available if people ask for them.  Which is why I have a photograph of these sweet scalloped favor tags for you to take a look at:

Babies are sweet, and so are the candy favor that were given out at this baby shower.  These favor tags are pastel pink, with pastel blue, pastel green, and then purple rows of dots for added color.  These favor tags are circular, about 2 inches in diameter.

Friday, October 25, 2013

The Magnet Maker

She designs.  She prints.  She emails with just about every customer.

If you are curious about the woman who makes the fridge magnets here at Save the Date Originals, check out this profile feature on Wedding Lovely:

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Save the Date with a cherry on top

This recent project is a really good example of a custom design.  And also a good example of how, if someone is clear about just what they want, a custom design doesn't end up taking much time to create.

This is what the couple wrote to me:

"[I would like] 3 ice cream cones: one chocolate swirl soft serve ice cream cone to the left in the background, one vanilla soft serve cone to the right in the background; while a chocolate & vanilla swirl soft serve cone sits in the foreground of the two single flavored cones. I would like the chocolate/vanilla swirls soft serve cone of ice cream to have a cherry on top. 

Our colors: lavender, champagne, gold, cream"

After reading that, I came up with this 4x2.5 inch save the date magnet design:

Win!  They ended up going with 5x3.5 inch metallic gold envelopes just for extra awesomeness.

Get your own custom save the date magnet by emailing
Sept 2013: Current response times are 1-3 full days

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Mr Fridge

Introducing a new employee here at Save the Date Originals:

He's a man of steel.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Metallic Pearlescent Magnets

Have you seen cards with a bit of a shine to them?  Not the smooth clear gloss, but, instead, more like a shimmer?  This is a fun option for cards;  Sometimes people go with a metallic pearlescent card stock in gold or silver colors for their invitation.  This kind of card stock is available in a variety of colors, but those two happen to be the most popular.

Well, Save the Date Originals can use this kind of card stock for magnets.  And yes, it does look cool.

Check out this photograph:

This example is a 6x2.7 inch magnet with a boarding pass theme.  The cardstock used is a shimmery leaf gold.

With metallic card stock, we definitely want to stick with designs that are fairly simple.  No full color photographs or background colors- instead, the design will let the metallic card stock show itself off.

Note: It isn't easy to photograph a shimmery paper with a gloss over it!  With the clear gloss, you have to be wary of reflections;  And then the shimmer isn't easy to see in a photograph unless the light is hitting at just the right angle.

Pearlescent metallic card stock magnets aren't priced out on the website yet (2013), and this is just another example of a custom project.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Presenting: Business Card Magnets

Small 3.5x2 inches is one of the most popular sizes for printed fridge magnets.

No surprise there!  If you want a small save the date with just the key info- names, date, "Save the date", it is a good size.  You can then slip that small magnet in with any extra info card that you have made (hotel information?) or in with a holiday card.

Aside from save the dates, though, no brainer, there is a reason that 3.5x2 inches is called the "business card size".  Just about every business card is this size- and a lot of businesses are choosing to get business card magnets, now, instead of of just business cards.  Business card magnets really do "stick around" longer.

So, you have your business card magnet.

But you want something to protect the magnet.  For example, if you put the magnet in an envelope with a letter, you don't want the edges scratching up the letter.  There are a lot of options for mini envelopes.  Anything from a plain white mini envelope to a fancier mini four-fold envelope.

Those work.  Those are fun.  But those also cover up the business card!  What if you want an envelope for all of your magnets, but something so that right after you hand a business card magnet over in person, they can see something before they take the time to open the envelope?


Mini vellum envelopes.

Not to brag, but this is my current favorite combination, and it does look good.

Check out pricing for magnets of this size here:

These mini vellum envelopes are available as an addition;  You'd just need to mention that you would like to order the mini vellum envelopes too.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Football Field Seating Chart

Thanks to the sports ticket save the date section, I have ended up working on a variety of other sports themed stationery and projects for weddings.

This post is to show off a seating chart designed for a football themed wedding:

This seating chart is designed for printing at about 24x18 inches.  Of course, the image I posted here is a lot smaller than that.  Tables with guest names fill the green field and the couple has their own skybox.  (They went with a "Sweetheart table" for this wedding.)

Seating charts are one of the few things were I sell where I will usually send a large high resolution file for the customer to print locally.  Why?  Because seating charts are big!  It's easier to get them printed locally at a copyshop like Kinkos instead of having me ship the printed seating chart.
Yes, you can email me to ask about your own version of this championship wedding seating chart at

A printable file seating chart like this (PDF or JPG) would be around $45 (as of 2013)

Of course you would want your own names, date, and location.  Colors can be changed.  Instead of stadium names for the tables, you could go with team names, player names, or numbers.

The number of tables can be changed too, though looking at this, it should be apparent that 24 is the max number that will fit on this size!  If you have fewer tables, you could go with a smaller seating chart.  You could also get an entirely different seating chart made- this is just an example of a football theme.

Monday, September 16, 2013

It is Chemistry

This is a new wedding invitation for the chemists among us.  Key features:  A atom graphic with a heart at the center and, the two first names form elements.  (Sort of).  The number of the element is the age of the person.

This invitation is shown printed on white card stock.  It is about 4x8.5 inches.  Colors used are red, green, and a slightly dusty orange, though, of course, colors can be changed.

Check out pricing here: Chemistry Invitation Details

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Mahna Mahna!

A new children's birthday invitation has just been added to the website:

This invitation is for a Mahna Mahna themed party.  What is that?  It's a song made famous by a muppet skit- check out this youtube video:

This invitation is about 4.5x6 inches, printed on white card stock.

This customer also ordered a matching kid's shirt just for fun!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Renaissance Pirate theme

When a customer recently asked me if I could come up with a save the date idea for a pirate & renaissance theme, I enthusiastically did.

Result: 3.5x5 inch card with simple graphics in the background of a couple, a pirate flag, and a parrot carrying off a mysterious key.  The gold flourishing border is what adds the extra touch;  It's not just about piratey goodness.

I admit, pirates of the Caribbean came to mind when I was designing this.

I like this design so much that it will probably end up in the official save the date card section of the website soon:

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Spaceship save the dates and invitations

Within the last couple of months, a new save the date magnet and wedding invitation design have been added to the website that may be of interest to those couples that are out of this world.

First, a 3.5x4 inch save the date magnet:

Next, the 4x8.5 inch invitation:

This invitation design does have a simple accompanying response card.  Click on the images for more detail.

Like everything else on the website, colors and wording can be adjusted.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Modern Invitation

A new invitation design has recently been added to the website.  It can be described as "modern".

It's simple, and yet, quirky, in that the font style is fairly basic... and then it just so happens that the wording is printed diagonally.

It's for a couple that maybe hasn't picked out a specific color scheme, or wants to include multiple colors without covering the invitation with color.

It's for the couple that maybe doesn't have any particular theme in mind and/or doesn't want to go with the usual fallback of floral or swirly patterns.

PS: Square invitations are cool.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Super Wedding Save the Date

Superman fans?  This is the save the date for those super couples out there. 

This save the date magnet design is 3.5x5 inches.  The background is an image of planet earth;  Featured is a monogram made of two first initials.  

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

How much postage for your invitations?

This question still comes up a lot.  I've already written about mailing save the date magnets out, and will focus just on postage here.

The main question when figuring out postage is: how much does it weigh?  Postage cost is based mostly on the weight, so that is the logical place to start.

There are some quirks though, that you might want to be aware of.

The one that often surprises people, even though it has been a rule for quite some time: a square invitation such as 5.5x5.5 inches, will cost about 20 cents more to mail out than a rectangular invitation, such as the common 5x7 inches.

Most save the date cards and magnets will not require more than a forever stamp (first class) when you are mailing with the US postal service, because they are usually fairly small (5x3.5 inches, 5.5x4.25 inches) and will weigh under an ounce.


Sunday, August 18, 2013

Chicago Save the Date

A new 4.1x5.3 inch save the date magnet design is available on the website.  The feature of this design is a photograph of Chicago.  Unlike the usual skyline photographs, this was taken from a boat on the Chicago river.  

Monday, August 5, 2013

Baby on Board

A baby on board car magnet that is about 4x6 inches.  It mimics a poster that the British government released in 1939 saying "Keep calm and carry on."  Colors are attention-getting red and yellow, and, the black border is part of the magnet. 

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Heart Shaped Tags

How many of my posts begin with something like, "So, a customer asked me if I could do-"?  A lot of them.  Here is yet another example of something not posted anywhere on the main website (yet).  

A heart shaped favor tag:

Cute!  This was done for a bridal shower.  The tags are about 3x2.5 inches.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Hollywood Stars

I love it when customers ask me if I can make something- and it's something I probably would not have thought to make.

In this case, one of my customers asked if I could make Hollywood Stars for her to use to line a walkway at the reception.  Answer: Yes!  Introducing 11x11 inch laminated cards.

For her project, she has them printed with the names of the bridal party.

I can also see these being hung up on walls, framed at a guest table, used as place mats for the bridal party. or, used as photo props.  These can be printed with just first names, or, the wedding date, or, maybe you could get a set with a "Bride" and a "Groom".

Save the date photo idea: Get a set of 4, printed with "Save", "The", "Date", and then your date in numbers.

Starting at:
$8.50 for 1
$15.00 for 2
$20.50 for 3
$26.00 for 4

Not including shipping.  Contact Save the Date Originals for pricing on large quantities or to place an order.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Important Phone Numbers on Magnets

Some numbers you want to keep written down because you might not think to enter the non emergency police number into your cell phone... or your cell phone runs out of power, and you forget your sister's number because you didn't have to memorize it.

If you are like me, wherever you write them down, you will probably lose the phone book or paper within a few months.

A solution is... a fridge magnet!  Introducing matte 8x10 inch fridge magnets designed for some important phone numbers.

There are a few numbers I recommend everyone write down, such as the local fire department and poison control.  After that you have those down, there are 12 lines for a name, number, and note.

Who to write down?  How about immediate family members.  Doctors.  Neighbors, Kid's Schools.  Friends.

Save the Date Originals has been taking suggestions for fridge magnets that people would find useful, like this one.  Feel free to make your own suggestion.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Stage Monkey!

One of my customers wanted a sort of Broadway playbill theme for baby shower invitations, and she knew that she wanted to include a cute monkey.  We ended up with this large magnet shower invitation design with our cute monkey and a curtain/stage background.  Pinkish purple hues certainly work for celebrating the arrival of a baby girl, though of course the colors can be mixed up a bit if you like the idea and want to tweak it for a new set of shower invitation magnets.

There was also an accompanying response card that was fairly simple.  This is another design that is not yet posted on the Save the Date Originals website, so Contact STDO if you are interested.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Pac people III

There are already two designs on the website with a design idea that would remind you of an old computer game.  These are wedding save the dates with a Pac Man and Pac Woman on them.

The first design was fairly simple at 4x3.5 inches:

The second design was a little more complicated at 5.35x4.1 inches:

In this version, Pac Woman has a veil!  Too much geeky wedding fun.

The third save the date design is in between the two sizes, at 5x3.5 inches.
The new wording tweak for this version is "Start 2-Player Game".

Check out pricing for 5x3.5 inch magnets here:

One of the things that I liked about this project was that the customer went with rounded corners.  Currently, all magnet sizes are listed with square corners, but rounded corners are still available as an add-on.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

I love Lucy (well, Jess) shower invitations

Another fun project... this shower invitation idea come right from a customer.

They are throwing an I Love Lucy themed bridal shower for the bride, and wanted appropriate shower invitations.  This means... polka dots and a red heart!

They decided on navy (dark) blue for the border color.  Inside of "I love Lucy", it's "We Love Jess".

The card is about 4.5x6 inches, folded, and has printing on the inside as well.  The customer came up with poetic wording about how Jess could use some recipes for the upper-inside panel.  A recipe card is held inside the lower panel of the card via two angled slits.  The recipe card is about 3.5x5 inches, and guest's will mail them back with a written recipe using another small (included with the mailing) envelope.

For those interested in getting their own set of these: (as of 2016) pricing is around $2.50-$3.00 each, minimum of 20.  Envelopes included.

And you can also get these without the recipe cards.  Or maybe you could get color envelopes!  At STDO, it's all custom made by a person, so you don't have to stick with exactly the original idea.

You could switch to a flat card instead, with printing just on the front:
Pricing for the flat version (as of 2016) is around $1.50-$2.00 each, minimum of 30.  Envelopes included.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Fridge Calendars

Calendars are useful.  People have pocket calendars, wall calendars, calendars on their computers... because we need calendars to remember all the bazillion things we have to do over the coming months.

If you are like my family, you have lots of little notes written on random pieces of paper about things that need to be done on certain dates, and then those pieces of paper are stuck around the fridge using various magnets.

We don't have a wall calendar.  We don't all use the same computer calendar.  We've tried a magnetic dry erase board, but it took up a lot of space, we kept losing the markers we needed for it, and then it just stopped erasing well.

Save the Date Originals does offer a glossy full year calendar on 8x10 inch magnets:

You can use a marker to note important dates like birthdays.  You can customize them with any colors, theme, quote, photos, or advertisement that you want.

But what we my family finds really convenient is 10x8 inch calendars that are just one month:

These magnets aren't glossy.  Which means you can use anything to write on them- pencils, markers, pens, whatever is around.  And, you have space to actually write something.

They don't take up your entire fridge.  And you probably won't end up with dozens of random scraps of paper on your fridge.

Like other calendar magnets, you can personalize these.  Get your family name printed on each one.

You could get 12 months at once, and keep the one's that you haven't used yet on top of the fridge, easily found when it's time to switch.  Halfway through the year you can order June through May of the next year;  Or, order more than the next 12 months.  Save the Date Originals is about offering custom options.

If you are interested in these magnets, email Save the Date Originals for a price quote.  Pricing is less per calendar magnet if you are ordering several instead of just one.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Stationery Store?

Save the Date Originals often shows up in local searches for "Stationery Store" or "invitation store".  STDO is based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but doesn't have the kind of storefront where customers can randomly walk in to browse through a selection of card stock and envelopes.

Save the Date Originals is primarily a place that makes custom invitations, save the dates, and fridge magnets for a variety of events, businesses, and other needs.  This means that each project is usually unique to the customer/event.  Customers are usually ordering a custom printed item, not blank card stock.  You could get a set of custom stationery or cards made that are printed with *your* name and favorite colors, for example.

Additionally, most communication with customers is handled via email.

Local customers can actually place bulk orders for card stock and envelopes though.  Need 1000 a2 5x3.5 inch envelopes in pearlescent gold?  STDO can offer that.  Looking for pocketfolds in a particular color?  Email to ask whether there are pocketfolds available in that color.

If you happen to be in the Milwaukee area and couldn't find what you wanted at a local stationery or scrapbooking store, feel free to contact Save the Date Originals.  Don't forget to include a quantity when you  are looking for a price quote.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Ticket Week: 7

Ticket save the date magnets are very popular here at Save the Date Originals.  This week, blog posts are featuring new ticket ideas & variations that people have had me (the designer) working on this year.

Featured ticket number 7 is a 3x7 inch magnet design.  3x7 inches is obviously a little larger than your usual ticket.  So why go with 3x7 inches?  You go with 3x7 inches when you need the space, be it for a fancier design, fancier font styles, more space for wording, or, you just want a nice large print of a photograph.

This particular save the date design is a modified version of one already on the website.  This version is a save the date for a 10th year wedding anniversary.  With this size, we were able to fit all of the wording, along with some text inside that inner border. 

The best thing about anniversary save the date magnets is getting to use a wedding photograph!

The quote over the photograph is: 
"An anniversary is a time to celebrate the joys of today, the memories of yesterday, and the hopes of tomorrow…."

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Ticket Week: 6

Ticket save the date magnets are very popular here at Save the Date Originals.  This week, blog posts are featuring new ticket ideas & variations that people have had me (the designer) working on this year.

Featured ticket design number 6 was a fun new theme.  Customers have asked for concert tickets, football tickets, movie tickets, basketball tickets, broadway tickets, baseball tickets, and there is even a golf scorecard design.  A Kentucky Derby themed save the date design was a new request.  (Horse racing).

Quite appropriately, the wedding itself will be in Kentucky.

This save the date design is the popular 2.5x6.5 inch magnet size.  It includes the photograph, a racing horse, and a horse shoe with a rose.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Ticket Week: 5

Ticket save the date magnets are very popular here at Save the Date Originals.  This week, blog posts are featuring new ticket ideas & variations that people have had me (the designer) working on this year.

Number five is a new 2.25x6 inch photo save the date ticket design.  This is also yet another new magnet size.  Pricing would match up with the 2.25x5.5 inch and 2.5x5.7 inch magnet sizes, posted here.

This magnet design is fairly simple.  A photograph, the "seat row section" wording to add the ticket-like feeling, and a cute wordplay for baseball in that the couple is going to "step up to the plate".  There is plenty of room for the featured photograph.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Ticket Week: 4

Ticket save the date magnets are very popular here at Save the Date Originals.  This week, blog posts will feature new ticket ideas & variations that people have had me (the designer) working on this year.

The fourth ticket design is also a save the date, but for a surprise birthday party, not a wedding.  This ticket is a variation on the TicketMT1 magnet design.  This version is still 2x5.5 inches, so to make room for more wording, we scrapped the photograph.

The guests are notified, shushed, and awaiting more details in the forthcoming invitations.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Ticket Week: 3

Ticket save the date magnets are very popular here at Save the Date Originals.  This week, blog posts will feature new ticket ideas & variations that people have had me (the designer) working on this year.

The third ticket design is a new version of the 2.5x6.5 inch TicketMT11 magnet design.   This design was originally a baseball ticket design...  now it becomes a hockey ticket design.

One of the fun things about tickets is the various cute wording plays that people come up with for different sports;  In this case we have a couple that is "going for a goal".

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Ticket Week: 2

Ticket save the date magnets are very popular here at Save the Date Originals.  This week, blog posts will feature new ticket ideas & variations that people have had me (the designer) working on this year.

The second ticket design features this week is a variation on an existing save the date ticket design.  The original ticket (TicketMT2) is fairly neutral with regards to exactly what team it would represent.  And though the design features a football graphic, that football could just as easily be switched to a baseball, hockey stickers, bat, or some other sports related item.

The new version of the design is similar, still for a 2x5.5 inch magnet, but is meant to clearly show some Houston Texans spirit.

This ticket was another example of trying to find a way to incorporate the team imagery without using any logos. In this case, horns, a star, the helmets, and the colors, do the trick.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Ticket Week: 1

Ticket save the date magnets are very popular here at Save the Date Originals.  This week, blog posts will feature new ticket ideas & variations that people have had me (the designer) working on this year.

The first new save the date ticket design is based on a football ticket.  This couple went to  Auburn University, and wanted to show off some team spirit along with their photo and save the date info.

This ticket is mostly brown and white, but there is a bit of the orange and blue Auburn University colors.  This is a good example of a ticket design that closely mimics an actual ticket, but, without the use of any trademarked logos.

This ticket design ended up at about 2.6x5.7 inches.  Pricing for this magnet size would be the same as that which is posted on this page: