Friday, June 21, 2013

Important Phone Numbers on Magnets

Some numbers you want to keep written down because you might not think to enter the non emergency police number into your cell phone... or your cell phone runs out of power, and you forget your sister's number because you didn't have to memorize it.

If you are like me, wherever you write them down, you will probably lose the phone book or paper within a few months.

A solution is... a fridge magnet!  Introducing matte 8x10 inch fridge magnets designed for some important phone numbers.

There are a few numbers I recommend everyone write down, such as the local fire department and poison control.  After that you have those down, there are 12 lines for a name, number, and note.

Who to write down?  How about immediate family members.  Doctors.  Neighbors, Kid's Schools.  Friends.

Save the Date Originals has been taking suggestions for fridge magnets that people would find useful, like this one.  Feel free to make your own suggestion.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Stage Monkey!

One of my customers wanted a sort of Broadway playbill theme for baby shower invitations, and she knew that she wanted to include a cute monkey.  We ended up with this large magnet shower invitation design with our cute monkey and a curtain/stage background.  Pinkish purple hues certainly work for celebrating the arrival of a baby girl, though of course the colors can be mixed up a bit if you like the idea and want to tweak it for a new set of shower invitation magnets.

There was also an accompanying response card that was fairly simple.  This is another design that is not yet posted on the Save the Date Originals website, so Contact STDO if you are interested.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Pac people III

There are already two designs on the website with a design idea that would remind you of an old computer game.  These are wedding save the dates with a Pac Man and Pac Woman on them.

The first design was fairly simple at 4x3.5 inches:

The second design was a little more complicated at 5.35x4.1 inches:

In this version, Pac Woman has a veil!  Too much geeky wedding fun.

The third save the date design is in between the two sizes, at 5x3.5 inches.
The new wording tweak for this version is "Start 2-Player Game".

Check out pricing for 5x3.5 inch magnets here:

One of the things that I liked about this project was that the customer went with rounded corners.  Currently, all magnet sizes are listed with square corners, but rounded corners are still available as an add-on.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

I love Lucy (well, Jess) shower invitations

Another fun project... this shower invitation idea come right from a customer.

They are throwing an I Love Lucy themed bridal shower for the bride, and wanted appropriate shower invitations.  This means... polka dots and a red heart!

They decided on navy (dark) blue for the border color.  Inside of "I love Lucy", it's "We Love Jess".

The card is about 4.5x6 inches, folded, and has printing on the inside as well.  The customer came up with poetic wording about how Jess could use some recipes for the upper-inside panel.  A recipe card is held inside the lower panel of the card via two angled slits.  The recipe card is about 3.5x5 inches, and guest's will mail them back with a written recipe using another small (included with the mailing) envelope.

For those interested in getting their own set of these: (as of 2016) pricing is around $2.50-$3.00 each, minimum of 20.  Envelopes included.

And you can also get these without the recipe cards.  Or maybe you could get color envelopes!  At STDO, it's all custom made by a person, so you don't have to stick with exactly the original idea.

You could switch to a flat card instead, with printing just on the front:
Pricing for the flat version (as of 2016) is around $1.50-$2.00 each, minimum of 30.  Envelopes included.