Thursday, March 27, 2008

First Communion Invitations

These invitations were created for the girl in the photo's first communion. The main card is a full photo background (slight gloss, the type I recommend for all photographic printing). The wording is printed on a small vellum piece (vellum is partially see-through). Attaching the vellum with an adhesive that won't really show through is a little tricky- regular tape and glue doesn't cut it- but the result of the effort is one good looking invitation.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Pocketfold inserts, invitation- Faces design

I did promise to post more examples of invitations this month; As you can see from the last several posts, people are keeping me busy.

Here is a good example of the card sets people order for pocketfolds. And, a good example of invitations that also carry the theme of previously ordered save the date magnets. Here is the small magnet design they ordered:

You might notice a certain similarity to a large magnet design I offer (link). Obviously the layout is a bit different to get things to fit on the small size. The invitations:

are printed on cream card stock. The couple will be attaching the main invitation to a brown piece, and then to a metallic gold pocketfold she ordered from

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Another new invitation set - dancing couple design

This customer ordered save the dates previously. The MV31 design was actually created for this couple. You may notice a similar theme carried with the invitations. These are printed on cream card stock; The customer needed the main invitation card, the usual 5x7 inches, then an RSVP card, a map/directions card, and a card for hotel information. I did create the map for the customer based on one they provided (it had to be recreated for the appropriate size and resolution).

Monday, March 17, 2008

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Bilingual Invitations

As long as my computer can display a language, I can use it for an invitation design. In this case, the couple ordered some of their invitations in English, some of them in Spanish. Of course the couple has to provide the wording- I am lacking in the language department. I copy and past the text to the designs, just like I do any other wording. This would be trickier with other languages and some fonts- not all fonts will have the needed characters available.

Calla Lilly photographic invitations

There is an invitation size I offer for full color printing- often designs using photos. This is the 8.5x5.5 inch size. The stock used is white, and the printed side has a slight gloss to it. The rsvp card and invitation are printed with a calla lilly image, and have green wording. The back of the rsvp card is black and white, printed with the necessarily options for guests to respond with.

3 layer invitations, vellum

This was a specific request by a customer (of course). She wanted invitations with three layers- a printed white piece, a printed vellum piece, and a black piece. They are cut just so, to line up as seen in the photo. She will be punching holes where the two black dots are and assembling these with ribbon. It's going to take her some work, but the result is going to be very classy.