Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Magnet holders

Revisiting magnet holders with this post.

This is one of the sections on the website that is being worked on right now. Pricing is now available for more card stock colors- such as cream, yellow, and red. Even better, pricing is now a little lower.

These magnet holders are 5.5x4.25 inch cards. There are two slits, positioned to hold small magnets. Small magnets are 3.5x2 inches- the typical size of a business card.

Visit the magnet holder page to learn more

*Pricing for folded magnet holders is not available yet, as of December 30th, only flat blank and flat printed.*

These holders were developed primarily because the smallest envelope size that you can mail out is over twice as big as the small magnet size. This is why that product is priced out with envelopes- it's expected that you are getting them so that you can mail out your magnet.

Other magnet sizes, such as the 5.5x4.25 and 4x3.5 inch magnet sizes, are the perfect size to mail out on there own, closely matching a common mailable envelope size.

The 4.1x2.6 and 2x5.5 inch magnets do not closely match an envelope size, but customers usually mail them on out in envelopes that are just a bit larger. On the other hand, sometimes a customer just does not want their 2x5.5 inch magnet bouncing around in a 3.5x6 inch envelope. Slitted cards are actually available for these magnet sizes- but they definitely cost more.

Check out this example of a printed 3.7x8.5 inch slitted card for the 2x5.5 inch magnet size:

If you are interested in a magnet holder for another magnet size, let me know what card stock you would like to go with, what magnet size you need it for, and, whether you want any printing on the card.