Saturday, January 30, 2010

Magnetic Wedding Invitations?

Yes, wedding invitations that are a refrigerator magnets. It is not yet something that is requested often, but, there have been a few couples that have opted to go with a magnetic wedding invitation.

When considering doing this, you do want to pick a larger magnet size. At the smallest, a 4.25x5.5 magnet. A 4x7 inch magnet is just about perfect- plenty of room for a nice design that can still accommodate all of the wording you would expect on an invitation.

If you decide to go with a magnetic invitation, you might send the invitation out with a simple card stock response card, or even just ask your guests to rsvp via telephone.

Every couple has their own way of planning their wedding, and has their own spin on each element. Invitations are one of the ways that couples get to really have fun mixing things up. This is one more new idea that you may see more often in the future.

Check out this 4.25x5.5 inch magnet a couple recently ordered for their event:

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Website updates continue

Over January, the STDO website has seen few changes.

Some pages have yet to be updated, and because of this, the design-submission and sample-request forms are still disabled. These features will probably be back mid February. Customers who email me directly will answered. Remember that it can take 4 full days to receive a response.

The major change to the website during this round of updates is: the Cards section. The cards section used to be divided up into cards by size & type (flat, folded, postcard...). Now, this section is being converted to list cards by design/event.

For example, check out the new save the date card section:

From that page, you can find designs for a variety of card sizes and types, all centered on the "save the date" idea.

The sticker section has also seen some changes.

New sections: ticket designs, custom maps, envelopes, photographic designs...

New sections still in progress: Thank you cards, baby celebration, holiday cards, favor tags, boarding passes, and more.

Pages that still need to be converted and updated: details (Q&A), wedding invitations, and more.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Firsts are always exciting, such as your child's very first birthday. Sometimes it is just too fun to send out bright colorful invitations to celebrate the event.

Check out this example of a 5x7 inch carnival themed birthday invitation.