Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Taking care of business(es) part6

Business spotlight 6: Megan Werve

Megan Werve is a photographer in Jacksonville, NC. She came to me interested in a logo that was a little more unique than the one she already had.

When people ask me, "how much do save the dates cost?", I have no immediate response. There are things I must know - that the customer must decide on- in order to provide an answer. Magnet or card? Size? Envelopes, no envelopes? Type of card stock? Folding? Design?

The same goes for logos. Some clients are looking for a logo that would take me 5 minutes to create. Some clients are looking for a logo that would take me 30 hours to create. Sometimes people just don't know what they want- leading to multiples of versions, multiple rough sketches. Multiple versions mean = more time = more money.

Megan is a great example of someone who already had an idea of what she wanted her logo to look like. She already had a good logo that she liked, and just wanted something a little more unique. A short bit of custom drawing and she had her new logo.

Original logo:

New logo:

Check out Megan's work here on her blog.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Taking care of business(es) part5

Business spotlight 5: The Crafty Cat

The Crafty Cat is Jessica Washington, located in Colorado.

Have you ever known someone that is constantly producing beautiful hand crafted items? Jessica is one of those people.

From cards to crochet; Check out Jessica's etsy shop, or her blog.

Jessica wanted business cards and magnets that matched with her website(s). She had picked out a delightful graphic from shabbyblogs for her website(s). The design includes pink and green, damask and swirls.

Having websites and stationery that match leads to a professional feel, not to be underestimated. This meant that for her business cards, something with pink and green, damask and swirls was in order.

Her business card and business magnet:

Friday, March 19, 2010

It's clear: fun with see-through stickers

A variety of clear sticker sizes are actually available here at Save the Date Originals. Some circular sizes can only be ordered at a larger quantity (100+). But small rectangular or square see-through stickers are available in many custom sizes at fairly low quantities.

From address labels to envelope seals, logos to monograms, clear stickers are fun. Apply them to cards, envelopes, boxes, candles... you name it.

With clear see through stickers like these, your best option is actually just to go with a black-ink design. Because the background will be see-through, let your paper provide background color.

If you do want to go with a color print on your sticker, just keep in mind that you will want to apply the sticker to a white or light paper/surface. Why? White/light ink colors are actually not available. If you get yellow printed on your see-through sticker, it will be very hard to see when the sticker is applied to a dark background!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Change the Date 2

I have posted about "change the date" cards before; Below is another example, a modified design from the website printed on a postcard.

Every once in a while, people have to change their date after sending out their save the dates. Things happen, plans change.

Military couple's especially are often faced with an unexpected wrench in their plans, as was this particular couple. Thank you to couples like this and the sacrifices they make!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Not just for weddings

The save the date projects I end up working on are almost always for weddings. But not always. I have created save the dates for anniveraries, bat mitzvahs, first communions, birthdays, and... reunions.

Check out this classy family reunion magnet:

A simple elegant design, in combination with a nice blue envelope, makes for a date to remember.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Extra informational cards

A nice save the date design often doesn't leave room for a block of text (like hotel information).

There are a few ways to go about adding more hefty information. One way might be to go with a folded card, printed on the front with a nice color design, and on the inside with a more down-to-business block of information.

Another way is to include an extra little card. This is the best option for those sending out a save the date magnet; Getting a small inexpensive card to include in the envelope.

Check out the example below. A fun 4.1x2.6 inch save the date magnet, a 5x3.5 inch envelope, and a small card with more information.