Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Full Color Printed Fridge Magnets

A new magnet size is joining the family... 8x10 inches! With this magnet size, you can fit multiple photographs, or one large art/photo print. This will certainly spruce up a refrigerator! As with every other magnet size... the photos, artwork, wording, colors, are all customizable.

Check out this family photo magnet:

Adorable! This design features 5 nicely sized photographs and the family name.

One could also get a bordered photograph print.

Or, one could skip the border and just get a magnetic 8x10 inch photograph. You have options. These magnets do have a nice glossy finish.

Check out pricing here:

But wait, there is more. This also happens to be the perfect magnet size for a calendar of the entire year + a photo or logo. Check out the example below, featuring a Save the Date Originals logo, followed by the 2011 calendar year, followed by a short list of some holidays.

Click on the image for special calendar magnet pricing.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Printed Car Door Magnets

Save the Date Originals has offered car magnets for several years. I looked at this product again and decided that I could do better! Thicker printed piece. Thicker magnet. Better product.

I introduce the new and improved car magnets: read on.

Below is a 4x4.5 inch example:

Obviously the example above is not business related. It turns out- car magnets are also more appealing, for those who don't want a ragged bumper sticker to deal with some years down the road.

These magnets are made of a laminated card + a nice thick 35 mil magnet. There is a clear laminate border around the card to prevent any rain from seeping in through the side of the magnet. This is important for an outdoor magnet- you don't want your magnet falling apart as soon as the magnet gets rained on.

Get a quality magnet from the get go. Because your business deserves better. Because you will be in business for years to come, and your business car magnets should look good.

Sizes priced out on the website are 8x3.25 inches, 10x4 inches, and 10x8 inches.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tis the Season...

You normally think about winter when you read that phrase "tis the season"; But right now, it is the season for spring wedding invitations and autumn save the dates.

Check out this 5x7 inch invitation card:

A new design, it focuses on the "fleur de lis". The printing is all black, but the card stock is a light blue.

In other news, I must declare the "STDC5A" save the date card design to be quite a favorite for those autumn events. These are 5x3.5 inch cards, printed on white card stock.