Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sports Themed Weddings

Sports themed save the dates are something I have blogged about several times. There is more to say about stationery for that theme, though, beyond save the dates! You didn't think people stopped with their save the dates, did you?

Now, as you might guess, the next thing on a couple's mind after they order their save the dates is... invitations!

I offer a larger ticket design for invitations:

But also to be added soon is this new 5.5x8.5 inch invitation design:

It is a nice clean layout with two jerseys. The red back-flap printed envelopes add the excitement factor. The envelope says "The game is on and you are invited!"

Next, we have a pocketfold invitation:

Again, a fairly simple design, all things considered, with a solid baseball sports theme.

Beyond the invitations, you start to get into stationery for the wedding itself. There is a post about sports themed table #'s somewhere on this blog. This photo, however, is of ticket escort cards:

*Escort cards are a little different than place cards. Place cards are placed *at* the tables, and people wander until they find their place cards. Escort cards are on a table near the entrance. A guest picks up their escort card, and this card tells the guest which table number to go to.*

In this case, the envelopes are written with the guest's name. They pull out their ticket, which tells them where to go.

These new sporty ideas are all due to customers coming to me and asking about a new idea.

Now, what about after the wedding? Well, I have no photographs of a sports themed thank you card for you yet, but, you know they will come along to this blog sooner or later.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Save the Dates focused on your state

As the bride and groom start to consider their options for a save the date card or magnet, a lot of couples will find that they not have a set "theme" for their wedding yet. There are a *lot* of options, and for such cases, there are two simple options I might suggest. One is to incorporate the silhouette/skyline of the city where the wedding will take place. Another is to include the outline of the state where the wedding will take place.

Check out this 3.5x5 inch magnet example. This design incorporates the outline of Cape Cod (the easternmost portion of the state of Massachusetts). This outline was custom drawn for the project. The green and blue are suggestive of your typical map, and a starfish denotes the wedding location.

Each couple could get their own state on a save the date design. Perhaps a simple outline with a heart at the location. As always, it's up to the couple!