Saturday, September 29, 2012

Just in time- September's favorite project

Just before the end of the month, behold September's pick for the favorite project.

This time, it's a thank you card.  This is a folding card of about 6x4 inches.  The design includes three photographs of the couple and a few flowery flourishes.

What makes this card really cool is that it's made out of a shiny metallic card stock.  Have you seen cards with a pearly shine?  That is what the metallic card stock does.  It's not often that people choose metallic card stock over regular matte white card stock, but when they do, it always looks cool.

This couple previously went with an awesome set of pocketfold invitations, also made with pearlescent metallic card stock, printed with orange and pink colors.  Excellent stationery from start to finish for this event.