Saturday, October 27, 2012

First Communion Save the Dates

My favorite project for this month is fairly simple and not at all Halloween related.  It is a 2.5x4 inch save the date magnet design for a first communion.  It is based on a pre-existing 2x3.5 inch save the date magnet design, but is larger to include more information, and also so that the magnets can be easily mailed out alone without a card.  The original design had a lighted outline of a cross over a blue sky, but this customer had the idea to go with a pink background for her daughter's save the date.

The result looks good and will probably be posted on the website at some point as an official design.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Movie Ticket Wedding Invitation

Back in 2010, Angela wrote a blog post about a movie ticket themed wedding invitation design.  It was done with a red background and looked fun.  The post was mainly to show off the way an invitation design could look (and be ordered) in different versions with alternate languages.

This invitation design is one of the ideas that hadn't made it onto the actual website yet, but had people contacting Save the Date Originals now and then.

Finally, a version of the invitation design has made it onto the website.  This version is printed on white card stock, with full color printing of a yellow background with red and black text.  The fun addition is the metallic red sleeve.

Check it out:

The response card is a simple but carries the idea with it's title "Admission Ticket".

While this version uses white card stock and a red sleeve, Save the Date Originals is a custom invitation place, so if a couple wants to change things up a bit, they can.

This invitation design is often of interest to people who were eyeing up this movie ticket save the date card that was created the year before the invitation. This save the date card is made out of actual yellow card stock- that isn't a printed background.  It is fairly small at about 4x2.5 inches, and is sometimes ordered as a fridge magnet of that size instead.

Side note- here is a link to the 2010 post/version of the wedding invitation: