Friday, May 11, 2012

Once more with the ticket theme!

Ticket themed save the date magnets continue to be fairly popular.  Not just sport tickets, but also concert and travel themed tickets.  This post introduces 4 new ticket save the date designs.

First, we have a 2.5x5.75 ticket design.  It is a larger version of another 2.5x4 inch ticket design that is currently posted.  This version offers up more space for a photograph.

Second, we have a 5.5x2.25 ticket design, meant to more closely follow the look of an actual concert ticket design than any of those currently posted on the website.

Third is another ticket that is meant to look more like a concert ticket than a sports ticket.  This one is sized at about  6x2.75 inches.  It is similar to both the TicketMT6 and  TicketMELT3 designs from the website, a new version with a size larger than the TicketMT6 design and smaller than the  TicketMELT3 design.  The red curtain is a part of what makes this version of the ticket more flavored towards a "premier", movie, "red carpet", or concert theme.

And now fourth we have a 7x3 inch magnet design that is modeled a bit after an airline ticket.  This is the only new design that is made for a size currently priced out on the website- all of the other new designs are also new magnet sizes.  This design fills up the given space with a variety of elements, and, includes a spot for a couple's photograph.

If you love ticket save the date designs, stay tuned... for there are undoubtedly more ticket designs to follow.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Favorite Projects of the Month: Invitations

This month my "favorite project" pick is a triple feature, to make up for missing two months in a row!  Check out these three memorable invitation projects.  Their colors and themes are completely different, and all were custom/newly made to suite each wedding.

One of these invitations is a sports themed pocket fold, the second is a movie poster themed petal fold, and the third is an invitation printed on a nice thick tan colored card stock.

Invitation 1: A 5x7 inch pocket fold made of a dark blue metallic card stock.  This pocket fold has a small pocket, meant to carry just the response card.  The printed design is a simple representation of the stitching on a baseball.  Sports themed save the dates and invitations are becoming more and more popular, and now here we have another example of how that theme can be carried with an invitation set.

Invitation 2: A 5x7 inch light teal petal fold with an attached invitation card.  The printed invitation card is set up to look like a movie poster announcing the event!  The response card reverses the color scheme of blues and greens.

Invitation 3: In the midst of planning a lovely outdoor event, this couple wanted to go with tans, creams, and browns.  The invitation card itself is a nice tan card stock, which is printed with an art-deco inspired design, and is paired with lighter cream envelopes.