Thursday, September 26, 2013

Presenting: Business Card Magnets

Small 3.5x2 inches is one of the most popular sizes for printed fridge magnets.

No surprise there!  If you want a small save the date with just the key info- names, date, "Save the date", it is a good size.  You can then slip that small magnet in with any extra info card that you have made (hotel information?) or in with a holiday card.

Aside from save the dates, though, no brainer, there is a reason that 3.5x2 inches is called the "business card size".  Just about every business card is this size- and a lot of businesses are choosing to get business card magnets, now, instead of of just business cards.  Business card magnets really do "stick around" longer.

So, you have your business card magnet.

But you want something to protect the magnet.  For example, if you put the magnet in an envelope with a letter, you don't want the edges scratching up the letter.  There are a lot of options for mini envelopes.  Anything from a plain white mini envelope to a fancier mini four-fold envelope.

Those work.  Those are fun.  But those also cover up the business card!  What if you want an envelope for all of your magnets, but something so that right after you hand a business card magnet over in person, they can see something before they take the time to open the envelope?


Mini vellum envelopes.

Not to brag, but this is my current favorite combination, and it does look good.

Check out pricing for magnets of this size here:

These mini vellum envelopes are available as an addition;  You'd just need to mention that you would like to order the mini vellum envelopes too.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Football Field Seating Chart

Thanks to the sports ticket save the date section, I have ended up working on a variety of other sports themed stationery and projects for weddings.

This post is to show off a seating chart designed for a football themed wedding:

This seating chart is designed for printing at about 24x18 inches.  Of course, the image I posted here is a lot smaller than that.  Tables with guest names fill the green field and the couple has their own skybox.  (They went with a "Sweetheart table" for this wedding.)

Seating charts are one of the few things were I sell where I will usually send a large high resolution file for the customer to print locally.  Why?  Because seating charts are big!  It's easier to get them printed locally at a copyshop like Kinkos instead of having me ship the printed seating chart.
Yes, you can email me to ask about your own version of this championship wedding seating chart at

A printable file seating chart like this (PDF or JPG) would be around $45 (as of 2013)

Of course you would want your own names, date, and location.  Colors can be changed.  Instead of stadium names for the tables, you could go with team names, player names, or numbers.

The number of tables can be changed too, though looking at this, it should be apparent that 24 is the max number that will fit on this size!  If you have fewer tables, you could go with a smaller seating chart.  You could also get an entirely different seating chart made- this is just an example of a football theme.

Monday, September 16, 2013

It is Chemistry

This is a new wedding invitation for the chemists among us.  Key features:  A atom graphic with a heart at the center and, the two first names form elements.  (Sort of).  The number of the element is the age of the person.

This invitation is shown printed on white card stock.  It is about 4x8.5 inches.  Colors used are red, green, and a slightly dusty orange, though, of course, colors can be changed.

Check out pricing here: Chemistry Invitation Details

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Mahna Mahna!

A new children's birthday invitation has just been added to the website:

This invitation is for a Mahna Mahna themed party.  What is that?  It's a song made famous by a muppet skit- check out this youtube video:

This invitation is about 4.5x6 inches, printed on white card stock.

This customer also ordered a matching kid's shirt just for fun!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Renaissance Pirate theme

When a customer recently asked me if I could come up with a save the date idea for a pirate & renaissance theme, I enthusiastically did.

Result: 3.5x5 inch card with simple graphics in the background of a couple, a pirate flag, and a parrot carrying off a mysterious key.  The gold flourishing border is what adds the extra touch;  It's not just about piratey goodness.

I admit, pirates of the Caribbean came to mind when I was designing this.

I like this design so much that it will probably end up in the official save the date card section of the website soon:

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Spaceship save the dates and invitations

Within the last couple of months, a new save the date magnet and wedding invitation design have been added to the website that may be of interest to those couples that are out of this world.

First, a 3.5x4 inch save the date magnet:

Next, the 4x8.5 inch invitation:

This invitation design does have a simple accompanying response card.  Click on the images for more detail.

Like everything else on the website, colors and wording can be adjusted.