Friday, August 22, 2014

Milwaukee save the date

Sometimes, a wedding save the date with a photograph of the actual wedding venue works well.

For example, the Calatrava art museum is a well known landmark in downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Even better yet, it is quite picturesque.

A save the date with a photograph of the art museum could look like this example:

I'd be excited if I were a guest!

This save the date is 5x3.5 inches, and is pictured with a metallic silver envelope.

Check out pricing for this magnet size:

Monday, August 18, 2014

Black and White: Pocketfolds

There are so very many options for a pocketfold it's hard to describe all of the things you can do.  There might be a finite number of colors you can pick for the folding card part of the invitation, but you can add yet more colors with an extra card layer or wrap-around.  And then the printing?  Just about any color you can think of.

But then sometimes, a couple is having a nice elegant black and white wedding.  Or maybe silver is the overall color scheme.  So here is a pocketfold invitation idea in black and gray:

The design features a chandelier with a few of strings of lights.  There is a little bit of silver showing thanks to an extra layer of silver card stock behind the main printed section.

There would of course be a response envelope behind the response card too- which could also be in silver!

This is a really nice option for a couple in need of a formal invitation but without specific coloring. 

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Save the Date Magnets with free shipping!

Look at the chevrons on this save the date design.  Oooh.  Pictured is a design with a pink and green chevron pattern in light-to-dark shades each row.

The most popular thing Save the Date Originals makes is save the date magnets.  And among the many sizes, 4x3.5 inch magnets are the fav.

Now that size is available with free shipping anywhere in the continental USA.

Check out the pricing page:

This magnet size works well with the minimum mailable envelope size (5x3.5 inches) and can be mailed out with one stamp.  Because that envelope size is common, there are a lot of color options!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Luggage tag magnets are back in the house

2.5x4 inch luggage tag magnets are one way to get more awesome for a travel themed save the date without going wilder with something like a message in a bottle.

They aren't new exactly- they just haven't made it back onto the updated version of the website in a few years.

Check out this example:

The printed design features a beach background with orange & pink.  At the sides are "Pack your bags" and "Save the date".  At the top there are some faded hibiscus graphics (tropical flowers).

The top is cut with angles, and there is an actual hole at the top.

Check out this page for a pricing chart: