Monday, April 10, 2017

Luggage tag save the date magnets

Luggage tag magnets are a popular option for destination weddings!

One of the options that was added to the website just over a year ago has now been done in many colors by many couples.  The original design:
Luggage tag save the date magnet

The best part about this particular design is that it does work well with a variety of different colors;  That teal can easily become pink, orange, purple, green, you name it.

Now, there are two more design options posted on the website, both with those warmer destinations in mind.

The first is 2.5x4 inches, and has a printed sand background to remind guest's of the beach:
Beach luggage tag save the date

The second is 2.5x4.5 inches, this time with background photo of the ocean & beach:

Destination wedding save the date

Luggage save the date magnets are currently in the boarding pass save the date magnet section of the website, but if more designs are added, they just may need their own section.  All of the luggage tag magnets are currently set to 2.5x4 inches or 2.5x4.5 inches, but larger sizes are also possible.

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