Sunday, June 7, 2009

Save the Date tickets

Tickets look-a-likes are a popular idea for wedding save the dates. One ticket design in particular that people enjoy- sports like designs.

In an earlier post about a sports ticket save the date, I featured a 2.5x6.25 inch ticket that someone had me design. This particular ticket was made out of a skinnier flyer type paper. Since then, it's been more popular to get the ticket design printed on a thicker card or even a magnet, both of which are more cost effective at the smaller 2x5.5 inch size. With wedding save the dates, people often want to stick to simple short lines of text, so this smaller size works. People who want a similar design for something else- like a rehearsal dinner invitation- need to go with a bit of a larger card (2.75x8.5 is a good size),

As with all designs on the website, customers can ask for customization; Photograph, no photograph, wording, colors, etc. One thing that usually needs to stay the same, though, is the font style. There are only a small number of fonts that will work in the small available space.

Here are a couple of design examples on the website:

Whether going with a 2x5.5 inch magnet or card, if customers want to mail the save the date ticket out alone, I recommend the 3.5x6 inch envelope size. I do offer white envelopes of that size.

Visit my website: save the date originals