Monday, November 22, 2010

Winter Cards & Magnets

Tis the season. If you mail out holiday cards yearly, you will soon be at work addressing them.

This website still does not have a fleshed out holiday section; Nonetheless, each year I turn out a number of holiday, Christmas, winter, and/or New Year themed cards.

Sometimes they are traditional:

Sometimes they are a little more fun:

And sometimes, I find myself working on a number of magnetic projects needed in time for the holidays. Customers are looking for a variety, as usual. Customers might be looking for save the date magnets to include in their Christmas card mailings. Customers might be looking for photographic magnets to send to family.

In some cases, people are just looking for a cute favor to hand out.

Check out this 4x3 inch magnet:

Rarely do I offer non glossy magnets, and this is one such example. While it may be non-glossy, this example is made out of a nice cream metallic paper. This particular magnet can be ordered as few as 5 at a time. Click here to order 10 on etsy.

Whether you are looking for cards or magnets, you definitely want to place an order before the first week of December passes. Now is the time.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Ticket Save the Dates, take 3 (or 4?)

A new 5.5x2 inch "concert" ticket with a pair of lovebirds:

Yes, ticket look-a-like save the dates are still popular. Sports tickets, movie tickets, concert tickets, you name it. Initially, inquiries for ticket save the dates definitely tended to lean towards a football or baseball theme. But, time has proven that the ticket theme has a wide range!

Check out these new design examples.

A 2x5.5 inch designs:

A 3x8 inch design:

A 8x3 inch design:

And a 4.1x2.6 inch golf scorecard type of design:

Customers have gone for the ticket theme for... birthday cards, thank you cards, actual wedding invitations, shower invitations, and, rehearsal dinner invitations.

Visit the ticket save the date page and click on the design you like for more info and a link to pricing for that design.

Save the Date Originals offers custom designs for save the dates... so if you don't see it, feel free to ask about it.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

World of Warcraft (WOW) Themed Save the Date

At long last, a customer emailed to ask where the promised World of Warcraft themed save the date design was. These players will be married next October 2011, and wanted a fun save the date magnet.

The couple went with the small 3.5x2 inch size, which meant keeping the design fairly simple. Their idea was to try to make the design look like one of the Achievements you can get in game after completing certain tasks. In this case, the achievement is "Shackled".

Too fun!

But this design looks like it is for members of the Horde! What about the Alliance?

Check out this version of the warcraft save the date theme, for a larger 5x3.5 inch card:

Pricing available here:

This is just one idea; No doubt WOW players have other good ones. Feel free to have me (Angela) work on something else for you.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Car Door Wraps

When it comes to signage for cars, it's easy to start off with a bumper sticker, then, maybe add a car door magnet.

What next? What is the next step?

How about... a car wrap. This is a special product, one I do not offer.

Sometimes, though, I do provide designs for customers who want to print something themselves, or for a specialty product that will be manufactured by another company.

The example above is actually my own car. I partnered with Fast Signs in Menomenee Falls (WI) to print and apply a wrap to the two side doors.

Why not stick with a car magnet? Two reasons:

1) The side panels of this car are not magnetic.

2) Having the sign crafted and applied to directly to the car really does offer a striking look.

You'll notice that the sign bears a resemblance to my business card:

But it definitely isn't as simple as resizing the graphics used for the business card; They had to be completely remade for the larger size of the car door. You also have to consider the space. It is best to avoid the curlier lettering (as seen on my business card) for a car, where you want things to be easy to read as you roll by someone.

"Save the Date Originals" now has a veritable traveling billboard.

Friday, November 5, 2010

A starry night save the date design

A Starry Night is a classic design theme for weddings.

"Sometimes the stars align... and you know it was meant to be."


"It was fate, from the first date"

This magnet design is 4x3.5 inches;  Click on the image for more info.

This save the date magnet features a light blue for the moon and stars with a dark background.

October 2015 Update:
Check out this heart shaped magnet design along the same lines, also with a starry background.

Likewise, click on the image for more info.  There are actually a variety of sizes on the website, and custom designs are possible;  Feel free to contact STDO if you don't see exactly what you have in mind.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Pac Man and Pac Woman look-a-like save the date mgnets

Are you a couple that is nostalgic for the popular Pac Man arcade game? Have some fun with a 4x3.5 inch magnet design like this.

Monday, November 1, 2010

The Stewart/Colbert Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear

Save the Date Originals offered the sane crowd several magnets. A 3.5x2 inch magnet design, a 4.1x2.6 inch design, and even, a car magnet.

This is a good example of the non-wedding related design/printing products STDO will end up working on. In this case, a fun project! The rally goers had a good sense of humor.

These are refrigerator magnets that will surely "stick" around for a while on your fridge to remind rally goers of the day.

On the left: a woman holding this magnet at the Boise satellite rally. On the right: a car magnet.

Get one of the 3.5x2 inch magnets here:

The car 8.5x5.5 inch car magnets are no longer available.