Monday, November 28, 2011

Portuguese save the dates

Save the Date Originals does save the dates. Cards. Magnets. Themes. Many sizes, many colors. Photographic, non photographic. And also in alternate languages.

Right now the only person on staff is limited to English. If the customer can speak/write English, or they have a friend that can act as a go between, they can work with STDO on a project. The project itself doesn't have to be English! Of course the customer is definitely solely responsible for proof reading in that case.

Check out the popular wedding save the date design now turned into a Portuguese birthday save the date:

Communication with the designer is done via email in English- but the customer can email the text for the design in an alternate language. Spanish is a popular alternative to English for projects.

Sometimes it gets tricky because a lot of the fonts that are available won't have that accents or flourishes needed; But for small things like save the dates, a few of those can be added right in by the designer.

This leads into mentioning that you can get bilingual save the dates and invitations. You can get some # of cards or magnets in one language, some # in another. Another option is to go for double sided printing- one language on one side, another language on the other side.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Why choose Save the Date Originals?

1) Design variety. You can find all manner of styles on the website- from offbeat to elegant, simple to photographic, sports, humor, skylines, cartoons, floral, you name it. And if you don't see it, it can probably be made.

2) Personal attention from a designer. Want some tweaks? Can do. Switch up the colors a bit. Move a design element over a bit. If your photo doesn't fit the design you saw, I'll make some tweaks just to get you what you want. Don't end up with awkward and weird text positioning from an automated service.

3) Quality printing. Magnets are printed with 8 tank printers, versus the old 4 tank printers that many fridge magnet makers are using. Want a bright lime green or a vibrant royal blue, instead of a darker washed out looking version of these colors? Can do.

4) Fridge magnets from STDO have a laminated finish, are made with a 20mil magnet, and, are hand cut. Say no to flimsy magnets that arrive crooked and yes to awesomeness from STDO.

5) Integrity. Your won't be shoved through an ordering process that is full of advertisements, nor will any of your information ever be sold to partner companies just for an extra buck.

6) USA business. Nothing you buy from STDO is going to be made in China. And when you have a problem, you talk directly to STDO employees... not an overseas customer support team.