Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Thank You x2

Every week there is something new to work on. I rarely blog about thank you cards, but they are another area where people can really set their stationery and event apart. As with other stationery, you have choices. One of those choices is a flimsy pack of TY cards from the store... or... something custom and awesome!

Check out this TY card designed to match a baby shower invitation that I already offered, made just for a customer who wondered if there couldn't be a matching TY card for the invitations. Both cards have a design that is meant to remind one of the Chicka Chicka Boom Boom children's books.

Another recent thank you card project is sports themed. The darker red pattern between the top and bottom is meant to remind you of the stitching on a baseball. Sports themed save the dates and invitations are one of the newer ideas I have seen more people having fun with in recent years. If both the bride and groom have little interest in the frilly, the flowery, or the pretty, and happen to have sports teams that root for, this theme is something that they can have fun with.

Both cards are made of white card stock, and are folded 5.5x4.25 inch cards.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Save the Date Magnets: Tree + Heart

This may very well be my favorite project for February. Two new rounded corner sizes were introduced only about a month ago, and have already proven to be the perfect options for a couple of projects.

One of those projects was a request for a save the date magnet design that would have a heart carved into a tree, along with the couple's first names. Finding a stock photograph of a heart carved into a tree isn't terribly difficult, but finding one with enough room to add in first names certainly narrows down the options.

The photo below is of this design idea on the 3x4 inch magnet size. There was enough room for "Save the date" at the top, and then additional wording- such as the location- at the bottom.

The couple asked be to try to add some texture to their names, which seems to have worked well. The names are still obviously added in via a graphics program, but they also aren't just flat black or brown, which would have looked more artificial.

You have to admit, save the dates with a heart are fitting for a send out in February, given Valentines day.