Monday, July 15, 2013

Hollywood Stars

I love it when customers ask me if I can make something- and it's something I probably would not have thought to make.

In this case, one of my customers asked if I could make Hollywood Stars for her to use to line a walkway at the reception.  Answer: Yes!  Introducing 11x11 inch laminated cards.

For her project, she has them printed with the names of the bridal party.

I can also see these being hung up on walls, framed at a guest table, used as place mats for the bridal party. or, used as photo props.  These can be printed with just first names, or, the wedding date, or, maybe you could get a set with a "Bride" and a "Groom".

Save the date photo idea: Get a set of 4, printed with "Save", "The", "Date", and then your date in numbers.

Starting at:
$8.50 for 1
$15.00 for 2
$20.50 for 3
$26.00 for 4

Not including shipping.  Contact Save the Date Originals for pricing on large quantities or to place an order.