Friday, October 25, 2013

The Magnet Maker

She designs.  She prints.  She emails with just about every customer.

If you are curious about the woman who makes the fridge magnets here at Save the Date Originals, check out this profile feature on Wedding Lovely:

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Save the Date with a cherry on top

This recent project is a really good example of a custom design.  And also a good example of how, if someone is clear about just what they want, a custom design doesn't end up taking much time to create.

This is what the couple wrote to me:

"[I would like] 3 ice cream cones: one chocolate swirl soft serve ice cream cone to the left in the background, one vanilla soft serve cone to the right in the background; while a chocolate & vanilla swirl soft serve cone sits in the foreground of the two single flavored cones. I would like the chocolate/vanilla swirls soft serve cone of ice cream to have a cherry on top. 

Our colors: lavender, champagne, gold, cream"

After reading that, I came up with this 4x2.5 inch save the date magnet design:

Win!  They ended up going with 5x3.5 inch metallic gold envelopes just for extra awesomeness.

Get your own custom save the date magnet by emailing
Sept 2013: Current response times are 1-3 full days

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Mr Fridge

Introducing a new employee here at Save the Date Originals:

He's a man of steel.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Metallic Pearlescent Magnets

Have you seen cards with a bit of a shine to them?  Not the smooth clear gloss, but, instead, more like a shimmer?  This is a fun option for cards;  Sometimes people go with a metallic pearlescent card stock in gold or silver colors for their invitation.  This kind of card stock is available in a variety of colors, but those two happen to be the most popular.

Well, Save the Date Originals can use this kind of card stock for magnets.  And yes, it does look cool.

Check out this photograph:

This example is a 6x2.7 inch magnet with a boarding pass theme.  The cardstock used is a shimmery leaf gold.

With metallic card stock, we definitely want to stick with designs that are fairly simple.  No full color photographs or background colors- instead, the design will let the metallic card stock show itself off.

Note: It isn't easy to photograph a shimmery paper with a gloss over it!  With the clear gloss, you have to be wary of reflections;  And then the shimmer isn't easy to see in a photograph unless the light is hitting at just the right angle.

Pearlescent metallic card stock magnets aren't priced out on the website yet (2013), and this is just another example of a custom project.