Friday, May 30, 2014

Wisconsin Save the Dates

One popular category of save the date designs is... the location based design.  Maybe you don't have a theme, maybe you don't have colors, but before you send your save the dates, you at least know where your wedding will be!

For location based designs, photographs of venues are popular.  Skyline silhouettes of cities are too.

Another option is to go with an outline of the state, or a map country, with your wedding location starred.

Along those lines, here is a save the date for a Wisconsin wedding:

This is an outline of the usa, overload with a fun watercolor texture. This is a save the date card, about 5x4 inches.  This could potentally be turned into a save the date magnet.

So if you are a having a wedding in Madison, Fond du lac, Appleton, La cross, or Milwaukee, this is a good option for you.

Of course... you could also get another state highlighted instead.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Water Bottle Labels (and wine labels)

The sticker and label section at Save the Date Originals is being revived!

Now available are custom and personalized bottle labels.

Like with magnets and cards, the idea is to offer top notch printing.  You can request any size up to 8x10 (not that you'd need a label that big!).

Also like magnets and cards, there are plenty of websites offering labels already.  But one website warns that the label will crumple and break if it is touched too much, and another might offer low resolution (choppy) printing.

The bottle labels that Save the Date Originals is offering now are actually waterproof.  They aren't indestructible, but guests can touch them without getting ink on their hands.  You can even put one under a faucet, pour water on it, and... it will still look good!

Get a custom label designed today:

Friday, May 16, 2014

Chevron Pattern Invitations

The chevron pattern has been a popular one in recent years;  And now Save the Date Originals finally has a wedding invitation with a chevron pattern!

This picture shows a basic invitation set: 5x7 inch invitation card + 3.5x5 inch response card.  The chevron rows are in varying shades of a teal blue.  The fun extra for this particular example is a lined mailing envelope with a matching chevron pattern.

Check out pricing here:

Friday, May 9, 2014

Girl Develop It

Save the Date Originals is happy to be working on a few graphics for the new Boise, Idaho branch of Girl Develop It.  (Their FB page)

GDI is a non profit and the goal is to teach more women how to program! Check out the main website ( because there are 25+ chapters in the US and one might be near you.

Check out the Boise logo:

And their LinkedIn graphic:

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Yay: Flags!

Save the Date Originals is now experimenting with flags.

These won't be cloth flags- these will be printed cards attached to sticks.

What can you use flags for?  

*  You could get flags to put in your centerpieces as table numbers.

*  You could use flags as photo props (wedding date, or a "Mr" and "Mrs" pair).

*  You could get a bunch of "Yay" flags as favors.

*  You could get a couple of signs to direct people.

Pricing will vary depending on the printed design, card shape, and needed stick size.