Sunday, February 28, 2016

Taking care of business(es) part 10

Many fun and pretty save the date magnets are heading out from STDO this month, but now for something a little different.

STDO recently worked on an order for Agile Planning Scrum cards.  Have no idea what those are?  It's basically a special deck of cards used for planning exercises, used by work teams.  Instead of the usual set of Poker cards, something more like the Fibonacci sequence is used.

In this case, Hewlett Packard wanted personalized decks for each member of the team, with their name printed on it, front and back.

Can do.

And yes, you could get personalized poker/planning cards of your own.  These are typical 2.5x3.5 inch cards, and are glossy/laminated.

Pricing varies depending on how much personalization you want and what the design of each card looks like.  You could get sets where each card would cost 75 cents, or a set where each card would cost $1.25 dollar each.

In this case, each card had the team members name printed front and back, which put it in the higher range.

You could instead get a deck of scrum cards where each set has a different color, but no individual personalization, so that they would be usable for any team.