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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Back to Work!

Save the Date Originals has moved locations and is back to work.  The website design submission forms are enabled!

A few pages - such as the sample order page - still need to be set back up over the next week.

In related news: Wisconsin residents no longer need to pay sales tax, but Idaho residents do.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

A Grape Save the Date Magnet Design

Heart shaped magnets have been available at Save the Date Originals for just over a year, and it's time for another save the date magnet design, this time, one that works well with a winery or vineyard theme.

The background design is printed with a faux cork-board texture, and overlaid with the sketched cluster of grapes.

All magnets at STDO are reasonably sturdy and have a glossy finish; Check out pricing and info for heart shape magnets here: 

Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Announcement:  Save the Date Originals is moving in December!  STDO will be shut down for a little while during the move and will most assuredly be back by January 2016.

As of November 12th, STDO will stop accepting orders for production from new customers.  If you were already in contact and have a design worked out, contact Angela to see if your project can fit into the production schedule.

Save the Date Originals is still running and available for questions during the remainder of November.  Orders already placed will of course be made and sent on out.

If you would like a notice when STDO is up and running after the move, sign up for the newsletter:

For those that are interested: STDO is going from Milwaukee, Wisconsin to Boise, Idaho!

Friday, October 30, 2015

Ticketmaster Save the Date Magnets

Ticket save the dates are very popular here at Save the Date Originals, even with restrictions against using actual team logos.

This post is to show off a ticket design that many ask about - a save the date ticket that looks as much as possible like an actual ticketmaster ticket!

Check it out:

Colors can be adjusted for each couple's wedding.

This "ticketmrs&mr" ticket is about 6x2.25 inches.  Can be ordered alone or with white envelopes (that come with free clear sleeves too).  Check out pricing for that magnet size here:

Contact to place an order.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Magnetic Notepads

Magnetic notepads are now available at Save the Date Originals!  Tear-off notepad + magnet = useful.

Maybe you have a big clunky dry erase board on the fridge that doesn't even erase well anymore.  Maybe you have notebooks in a drawer somewhere.  Maybe... you need a couple of these magnetic notepads.

5x8.25 example:

This notepad has about 30 pages and is available at the new amazon handmade storefront.

Longer 4x10 notepads are also an option, which would be even more handy for a running grocery list. (Keep that family organized!)

You could even upgrade to 50 pages, change the wording (business name?), or go with a different print color.  Custom is awesome.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Baseball themed placecards

Thanks to the ticket save the dates that are so popular, STDO ends up with a lot of sports related projects!  Here is a set of baseball themed place cards that I recently worked on:

In this case, the couple sent in a list with each table #, player table name, and then the guest's name.  They are folded, and about 4x2.5 inches.

You could get a similar set of 50 for around $65 plus $7 shipping to anywhere in the USA.  Place cards with blank spaces for you to hand write names will cost less.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Classic Invitation with Gilded Wording

Save the Date Originals is currently experimenting with a foiling trick (shiny wording and graphics)!  Currently only available on white card stock - gold, rose gold, silver, and more.

Check out this layered 5x7 wedding invitation:

This invitation has dark gold wording and a black second layer for a simple classy design.

What really elevates an invitation like this is that while it appears simple from a distance, as you get closer and look at it, more awesome details are revealed.

For example, the fact that the wording is a shiny gold:

There is more -  The black card stock isn't a matte black, it's actually a pearlescent black:

Example 2: Gold rose floral invitation:

Isn't it lovely?  5x7 inches, gold on white, pictured with red envelope.

This foiling process isn't engraving or thermography;  It's not quite as perfect.  But is finally a much more economical option for when you only need a small number of invitation sets.  RSVP + accessory cards could be plain printed or foiled to match.

If you are interested, send an email!

Below is an example of a foiled thank you card:

This particular thank you card design is actually now posted on the STDO etsy shop:

You too can get your *own* name in foil for an unforgettable thank you note.