save the date originals

Monday, April 21, 2014

Favor Magnet Design

This could potentially be turned into a save the date magnet, but this design is actually a favor magnet.  The idea is to send them with thank you cards as a momento.  At 5x3.5 inches, this design fits 3 nicely sized photographs, the wedding date, and the couple's names.  Along the horizontal line, we can even fit in the married last name.

In this case, the lines are teal colored, but whether that is a good option for your personal version really depends on the photographs;  It might turn out that the lines should be white or black to contrast with the photographs, in which case, that curved border and the names could be in your wedding color.

Check out 5x3.5 inch magnet pricing here:

Monday, April 14, 2014

Summer Lovebird Invitations

This invitation idea came from a set that was created for summer beach wedding in Wisconsin at the South Shore Pavilion.  The wedding colors are loosely ivory and burgundy, though there might be a few pinks here and there.  Their theme: lovebirds 

This design idea actually come from their save the date, which was of course smaller, but was similar.  Their save the date included a cute photograph of the couple with the wording also on the right.  Thinking to try something similar but different for the invitations, I searched for a photograph that would work well for their theme.  This photo turned up, and is just about perfect for their summer wedding invitations.  Two birds + flowers!

The dark red envelopes are close enough to burgundy to work, and would add a little extra awesome.  (Dark envelopes do need labels for writing the addresses on though)

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Love Birds Save the Date

This 3.5x4 inch save the date magnet design is cute!  The lovebirds are in yellow, with a lighter blue background, and white stylized "branches".  The wording is in a darker grey/blue.  

This design was included as part of Maven Bride's recent birds & blue wedding inspiration post. Check it out for some more ideas!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Save the Date Magnet Holder Cards

A lot of people either buy or make holder cards for their magnets when they order a small size (like 2x3.5 inches) that is too small to mail out.

There is also the case of the 2x8 photostrip magnet- it's a lot thinner than any envelope size, so people will often make holders for that case too.

Another reason is just to enjoy the presentation.  Check out this 5x7 inch holder card, paired with a photographic 4x2.5 inch magnet.  The card includes hotel information, which you have to admit, is very useful for guests who will need to travel.

This is a classic save the date idea;  Looks good, isn't overly complicated, and is informative.  This example uses navy and gold colors, but to personalize, you could go with different color pair.  How the wording will fit on the magnet depends a lot on the photograph used- you can see that there needs to be some background space in the chosen photograph.

Cards can hold a magnet via slits, like this example, or with photo corners, or maybe even ribbon.

Cost would depend on a few things;  Not the least of which is how many you need.  A good 2014 estimate is for a complete set like the pictured example is $1.80, but that is just an estimate.  You'll need to email about your version of this idea to get a firm price quote.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Doctor Who Baby Shower

Hee.  How can one resist?  This is a 4.4x6.2 inch shower invitation with some whovian influence.

This card is made of white card stock;  The gray starry background is part of the printed design.  The circles at the top supposedly means "Baby!" in timelord language, but I can't vouch for that 100%, not being able to read the language myself.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Save the Date Magnet Discount

Looking for Save the Date Magnets that look good, but still want to see if you can catch a sale?

Well if you sign up for the STDO newsletter in March of 2014, you can get $10.00 off your first printed magnet order of $30.00 or more.

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Save the Date Originals offers magnets that are printed at a high resolution, that have a glossy finish, and aren't super flimsy.  20+ sizes, which just about any design possible.  Get save the date magnets for your wedding or business card magnets for yourself.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sweet 16 Broadway invitations

One of the recent projects I am featuring is for a sweet 16 party.  This customer had previously ordered a personalized version of a ticket save the date magnet design (this save the date) and wanted invitations that would match.

This party invitation design is red, white, and black.  The main feature of the design is the red curtains on the left, which imply a concert/play/broadway/theater theme.  This invitation is about 8x4 inches.

I don't offer a lot of lined envelope options, but it just so happens that there were red lined envelopes of the right size available, so who could resist.