Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Concert ticket save the date magnets are beloved!

People feel excitement when they get concert tickets, and they remember that feeling when they see a concert ticket themed save the date.

I, Angela, the designer here at STDO, have a secret about one popular save the date ticket magnet.  This one:
save the date tickets

I made this save the date design near the end of 2015 for a couple based on a photo of an actual ticket that they sent me.  And... they didn't even go for it.

But this design was just so awesome, I thought that I'd take a photograph and put it up on the website anyways.

Well, turns out a lot of other people like the design!

Ticket save the date magnets

Since then I've seen some similar ticket designs, but, it's still hard to match the print quality and thickness of the magnets STDO makes.  They aren't crazy thick, but they are certainly a cut above DIY.

(feel free to email if you are interested in a mailed sample magnet).

That isn't the only popular save the date magnet in the ticket section the website, but it was a surprise how popular it would turn out to be.

On the subject of concert ticket save the dates, here is another recent favorite of mine:
Concert ticket save the date

This is actually a version of one of the ticket designs on the website:

But as you can see, the original idea of more of a nice, simple broadway feel.  This couple upped the concert factor and it turned out awesome.

This is way STDO still likes to accept requests for experimenting with designs.  The results can be fun.  Of course, that's also why design proof turn around times are usually 2-3 days.  If I stuck to only requests of exactly designs that were already posted, sure, it would be faster.  But that's not how I roll.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Luggage tag save the date magnets

Luggage tag magnets are a popular option for destination weddings!

One of the options that was added to the website just over a year ago has now been done in many colors by many couples.  The original design:
Luggage tag save the date magnet

The best part about this particular design is that it does work well with a variety of different colors;  That teal can easily become pink, orange, purple, green, you name it.

Now, there are two more design options posted on the website, both with those warmer destinations in mind.

The first is 2.5x4 inches, and has a printed sand background to remind guest's of the beach:
Beach luggage tag save the date

The second is 2.5x4.5 inches, this time with background photo of the ocean & beach:

Destination wedding save the date

Luggage save the date magnets are currently in the boarding pass save the date magnet section of the website, but if more designs are added, they just may need their own section.  All of the luggage tag magnets are currently set to 2.5x4 inches or 2.5x4.5 inches, but larger sizes are also possible.

Monday, April 3, 2017

New location in Garden City Idaho

Save the Date Originals is settling in nicely to it's new permanent home and will start to have open hours between 12-2pm on Sundays.  Most orders are handled through email- you just have to see your design before you order when it comes to custom stationery!  But locals in Garden City, Meridian, & Boise can come in to check out card stock, colors, and more, in person.  Come see just how much nicer these printed fridge magnets are than- well- some of the other magnets you may have seen.

For those who are nearby, STDO now has a limited selection of LovePop greeting cards!

Lovepop cards actually pop up.  Currently available: the Present, Pirate Ship, Rocket, Unicorn Rainbow, Cake, Champagne Bottle, Pink Stork & Blue Stork for baby showers.... and more.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

STDO is on the move - Again!

Save the Date Originals is again on the move - to a more permanent location this time, in Garden City, Idaho, just a bit North-West of downtown Boise.

Forms on the website are already being shut down;  Submissions received before that will be anwered.

Angela will be available for design work and questions on into the second week of November, but after that, everything will be packed up.

It's expected that everything will be back up and running by the second week of December;  Those who were working on designs with Angela prior to the move will get priority!

Sign up for the newsletter to find out exactly when things are fully open: Newsletter Link

Monday, April 11, 2016

Blank Coloring Magnets

Now available in the amazon & etsy shops are blank heart magnets!  This is the same 4x3.5 inch heart shape available as a printed magnet, just with blank white paper.

Could be a fun coloring project for the kids.  Or, maybe you could have a magnetic board and have guests write their names/message on a heart magnet.

Also available are 8 packs of circular color book magnets:

Flowers, a couple of animals, a butterfly- just cute things for the kids to color.  Order multiple packs for a classroom activity!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Music themed wedding invitations

One of my favorite projects recently was a wedding invitation with a heart in the background that was made out of musical notes.  This invitation has a classic solid color border.  Check it out:

Colors are white, dark blue, gray, and silver.  This is a simple invitation set with a main card + rsvp, but with silver envelopes for added fun.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Taking care of business(es) part 10

Many fun and pretty save the date magnets are heading out from STDO this month, but now for something a little different.

STDO recently worked on an order for Agile Planning Scrum cards.  Have no idea what those are?  It's basically a special deck of cards used for planning exercises, used by work teams.  Instead of the usual set of Poker cards, something more like the Fibonacci sequence is used.

In this case, Hewlett Packard wanted personalized decks for each member of the team, with their name printed on it, front and back.

Can do.

And yes, you could get personalized poker/planning cards of your own.  These are typical 2.5x3.5 inch cards, and are glossy/laminated.

Pricing varies depending on how much personalization you want and what the design of each card looks like.  You could get sets where each card would cost 75 cents, or a set where each card would cost $1.25 dollar each.

In this case, each card had the team members name printed front and back, which put it in the higher range.

You could instead get a deck of scrum cards where each set has a different color, but no individual personalization, so that they would be usable for any team.