Saturday, November 30, 2013


You are moving!  Yay!

Now, instead of being repeatedly asked for the next year about your new address, you could send little notices to friends and family.

"We've moved" cards are getting more popular for exactly that reason.  Sure, you can email them the new address, and in several months, they may or may not remember which folder that email is in.

Better yet, though, is to include a fridge magnet printed with your address.  Then they really won't have an excuse not to find it.

Check out this combination of a card + a small magnet:

A card with moving truck, and the actual new address on the magnet.

To see pricing and to place an order, go here:

(Yes, colors can be changed)

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Taking care of business(es) part 9

One of the most important tips about deciding on a logo is the suggestion that you go with an artist that can make vector art.

If you go with someone that can make vector art, what that means is that after the logo is made, the artist can send it to you a high resolution file in any size you need.  A small version for social media;  A large version for a 24x12 inch car magnet.  If your artist can't do vector artwork, and they make a logo that is just 72dpi, it might look good on the internet, but it would look pixelated when blown up to a larger size.  Or it might look good printed small on a business card, but again, pixelated when set to a larger size.


Jessica at Crafty Kitty has been making these awesome one of a kind hand made cards for a while, and then started selling crocheted items too.

Here is an example of her work:

She recently decided that she wanted a nice, streamlined logo that still had a bit of Crafty Kitty personality.

We ended up with these two versions:

Each works well in different cases, and it is a good fit for places where you need a logo on social media profiles.  The logo can also be rearranged horizontally to work well in a case where she might need a long/short logo for some spot.

Now, check out her new business card magnet and business card.  The business card is double sided.

While it might be fun to go with a crazy elaborately swirly logo, something streamlined can actually make more of an impact.  And then the logo is more versatile- her logo fits into a more elaborate design for her business card front, but also prints well on a tiny 1 inch circular sticker.  Simplifying actually set the logo free to work in more ways and more places.

To brand her facebook page, she decided to go with a header that matched the front of her business cards.  This doesn't just mean uploading the business card design proof- that space needs a larger graphic that is a little longer and shorter.  I was happy to help with that!

Check out her facebook page:

Monday, November 18, 2013

Holy Save the Date

Save the date magnets are sent out for many an important life event these days, First Holy Communions among them.  There is already one 2.5x4 inch design on the website with a sky & cross background.  But a recent customer wanted something new, that would include a chalice.

We ended up with a 2.5x4 inch magnet design in gold and navy:

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Who sends the save the dates?

This question comes up now and then, along with: "On save the dates, what should the return address be".

It's not a cut and dry answer.  Ideally, the return address on the save the dates should be the same as they will be on the later formal invitations.  And... ideally... that would be the address of the person/family that is hosting the wedding.  Who is hosting the wedding?  The person who is paying for it!

The bride and groom (or couple) might be mostly paying for the wedding, or one of the parents might be.

When the parents are paying for everything, use their address.  This is also why you sometimes see wording like "Mr. Person and Mrs. Person invite you to the wedding of their daughter Bride to Groom...".  Because the parents are hosting the wedding, they are included prominently in the wedding invitation wording.

Sometimes, however, who is paying for what isn't even decided yet when you send out save the dates.

That's why there isn't an easy answer to this question!

If the bride and groom are already living together, that is an easy choice for the return address.  Even if someone else is paying for the save the dates- whoever is actually mailing the save the dates is the one that should have their return address on there, so that they can handle any that are returned for having the wrong address.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

25 free photo fridge magnets

A rare contest/giveaway is now underway on the Save the Date Originals facebook page.  Submit a family photograph and get votes for a chance to win.  4x2.5 inch photo magnets with clear envelopes would be an excellent addition to your holiday card mailings this year!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Scalloped favor tags

Favor tags are another one of those things that aren't posted on the website right now, but are available if people ask for them.  Which is why I have a photograph of these sweet scalloped favor tags for you to take a look at:

Babies are sweet, and so are the candy favor that were given out at this baby shower.  These favor tags are pastel pink, with pastel blue, pastel green, and then purple rows of dots for added color.  These favor tags are circular, about 2 inches in diameter.