Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Elegant design for round magnets

This blog post is mainly just to show off this photograph of one round magnet design in multiple colors:

It is a wedding save the date magnet, as usual, but also as usual, the wording can be changed.

Also check out this round magnet size holding up multiple sheets of paper:

This magnet size is on sale for a few more days- till the end of November 2014

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Holiday cards 2014

Yep, it's that time of the year!  Early birds are already looking for holiday cards.

At STDO you can get a custom holiday card designed.  With photographs, without photographs.  Any colors.  Go with a typical matte card stock, a glossy card stock, a linen texture card stock, or maybe even card stock with a pearly shine.  You could even get color envelopes!

If someone adds an order of custom printed fridge magnets to an order of holiday cards (be it a wedding save the date or a photo favor), they will get free shipping.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Round is back Around!

In about 2010 when I decided to start making the magnets myself, I found that left me unable to offer shaped magnets.  Well, they are back now, and are the same high quality as the rectangular sizes.

These magnets are approximately 4 inches in diameter, have a glossy finish, are about 30mil thick, and are circularly awesome.

Check out some designs:

And, by the way, these will be on sale during November.  To celebrate the return... 20% off!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Steampunk wedding invitations

Steampunk is a style that I haven't happened try designing for... until now!

Someone asked for steampunk save the dates that wouldn't be overly surprising to their guests.  When I think of steam punk weddings, there are some crazy fun ideas that come to mind- like maybe a pair of advanced octopi!

But for something simple, here is an idea:
steam punk wedding invitation: gears + copper

This idea is 5x7 inches, and would be made of white card stock.  (That whole background would be printed on).  Old style typewriter font paired with one that looks handwritten.  Of course I had to include a couple of gears, but in this case I also added a geodesic dome.  Last but not least, I'm thinking of copper envelopes with be a good finishing touch.

This invitation idea will probably make it onto the actual STDO website sometime in the next year, but if not, contact Angela at for a price quote.

Friday, September 5, 2014

New in August

Many of the projects that I work on never make it to the website, because it takes time to get all the files in order, take photographs, add the details page, etc.  If I even remember which projects I was planning to add.  ;-)

Still, more things are constantly added.  What made it to the website in August?  Well...

1) A beach themed wedding shower invitation with a banner to highlight the bride's name:

2) A 6x3 inch airplane boarding pass save the date magnet with some tropical palm trees by the side:

3) A jungle themed baby shower invitation with a lion, monkey, and giraffe:

4) A 3x4 inch Vegas wedding save the date magnet:

5) A wedding invitation with the Chicago skyline:

....and that wasn't all.  I already posted about the luggage tag save the dates from earlier this month!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Door Hangers

Yep, door hangers are coming soon to the website.

Check out this 4x9.5 inch double sided door hanger example:

These are for a guests of the wedding that will be staying at a nearby hotel.  One side says a welcome from the bride and groom;  The other asks not to disturb, for the guests are recovering!

This example is a romantic red with bokeh and hearts.

These hangers aren't super thick, but they are laminated for a little extra durability.  There is a slit to one side just in case it would be needed to get the hanger over a door knob.

If you like the idea of door hangers awaiting your out of town guests, get your own custom design!   As with everything else... any wording, any pattern, any colors, we can probably come up with something together that will work.

Estimated pricing is 10 for $30, 20 for $48, 30 for $65, 40 for $80, 50 for $94

Friday, August 22, 2014

Milwaukee save the date

Sometimes, a wedding save the date with a photograph of the actual wedding venue works well.

For example, the Calatrava art museum is a well known landmark in downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Even better yet, it is quite picturesque.

A save the date with a photograph of the art museum could look like this example:

I'd be excited if I were a guest!

This save the date is 5x3.5 inches, and is pictured with a metallic silver envelope.

Check out pricing for this magnet size:

Monday, August 18, 2014

Black and White: Pocketfolds

There are so very many options for a pocketfold it's hard to describe all of the things you can do.  There might be a finite number of colors you can pick for the folding card part of the invitation, but you can add yet more colors with an extra card layer or wrap-around.  And then the printing?  Just about any color you can think of.

But then sometimes, a couple is having a nice elegant black and white wedding.  Or maybe silver is the overall color scheme.  So here is a pocketfold invitation idea in black and gray:

The design features a chandelier with a few of strings of lights.  There is a little bit of silver showing thanks to an extra layer of silver card stock behind the main printed section.

There would of course be a response envelope behind the response card too- which could also be in silver!

This is a really nice option for a couple in need of a formal invitation but without specific coloring. 

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Save the Date Magnets with free shipping!

Look at the chevrons on this save the date design.  Oooh.  Pictured is a design with a pink and green chevron pattern in light-to-dark shades each row.

The most popular thing Save the Date Originals makes is save the date magnets.  And among the many sizes, 4x3.5 inch magnets are the fav.

Now that size is available with free shipping anywhere in the continental USA.

Check out the pricing page:

This magnet size works well with the minimum mailable envelope size (5x3.5 inches) and can be mailed out with one stamp.  Because that envelope size is common, there are a lot of color options!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Luggage tag magnets are back in the house

2.5x4 inch luggage tag magnets are one way to get more awesome for a travel themed save the date without going wilder with something like a message in a bottle.

They aren't new exactly- they just haven't made it back onto the updated version of the website in a few years.

Check out this example:

The printed design features a beach background with orange & pink.  At the sides are "Pack your bags" and "Save the date".  At the top there are some faded hibiscus graphics (tropical flowers).

The top is cut with angles, and there is an actual hole at the top.

Check out this page for a pricing chart:

Friday, July 25, 2014

Wedding Programs

Yep, Save the Date Originals does programs too- upon request.  This post is about a fairly simple program, a 5x7 inch folded card.  I'm not sure that I can call it vintage, but it has some vintage-esque design elements.  This program was designed for a couple getting married in an old movie theater.  Their save the dates were of course ticket themed!  Colors are simple;  white, black, grey, and some red.

wedding program movie theater

Monday, July 21, 2014

Math save the date

Here at Save the Date Originals, I can't resist letting people request edits; It's fun to see all of the variations people come up with.

Here is a math save the date magnet design that has been around for a few years:

It's cute, it has the important info, it has an equation.  If, for example, two math teachers are getting married, this would be an option.

One couple recently switched things up to include calculus!  I thought that was fun, so this blog post is just to share.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Save the Date Faux Pas

Wedding save the dates have been around for a while now, and couples can definitely find articles about best practices and common mistakes.  (Like these articles here).

But I still see people showing up to my website / articles / blog from google searches that make it clear that couples are sometimes haphazard with their save the dates.

I mean searches that are being run by *guests*, not the couples!

For example  "If the save the date includes a guest but the wedding invitation does not -- what to do"

Or "Received save the date but not invitation".

It's people trying to figure out what to do after receiving confusing information from the couple.

Sometimes couples get over excited and send out save the dates to everyone, as if it were an announcement, and then later realize that they can't invite all of those people.  That is the couple's mistake.  But you don't know whether they are avoiding having to tell you, or your invitation got lost in the mail.  (That does actually happen, you know).

Sometimes the couple gets incorrect information about including & guest on the save the date.  The couple should include that on invitations, if it is an option for the guest, but they shouldn't include that on a save the date.  It's too early to decide that!  So that also is the couple's mistake.  Either they realized that they can't let you invite a guest, or they forget to include the option with your invitation.

Save the Date Question Lady

So what do you, the guest, do about a situation like this.  Well, sorry to say, there is no good option;  Either you ignore the situation and don't attend (or don't bring that guest), or you have to put the couple on the spot by asking what their plans are.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Rounded corners for boarding pass magnets

Customers can switch to round corners for any magnet order, but it looks especially awesome for boarding pass save the date magnets.  One recent customer did just that for her order of a customized Ticket17 boarding pass order.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Baseball Cards for a Wedding

One recent project for a customer's baseball themed wedding was: personal baseball cards to include with their favors.  I just loved the idea!

We went with 65lb laminated cards, printed front and back.  Size is appropriately 2.5x3.5 inches.

One front front is a photograph of the couple, and the back lists their couple "stats".

As 2016, you could get 50 of these for $45.00 or 100 for $80.  Pricing will change over time though;  If you are interested, contact

Friday, May 30, 2014

Wisconsin Save the Dates

One popular category of save the date designs is... the location based design.  Maybe you don't have a theme, maybe you don't have colors, but before you send your save the dates, you at least know where your wedding will be!

For location based designs, photographs of venues are popular.  Skyline silhouettes of cities are too.

Another option is to go with an outline of the state, or a map country, with your wedding location starred.

Along those lines, here is a save the date for a Wisconsin wedding:

This is an outline of the usa, overload with a fun watercolor texture. This is a save the date card, about 5x4 inches.  This could potentally be turned into a save the date magnet.

So if you are a having a wedding in Madison, Fond du lac, Appleton, La cross, or Milwaukee, this is a good option for you.

Of course... you could also get another state highlighted instead.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Water Bottle Labels (and wine labels)

The sticker and label section at Save the Date Originals is being revived!

Now available are custom and personalized bottle labels.

Like with magnets and cards, the idea is to offer top notch printing.  You can request any size up to 8x10 (not that you'd need a label that big!).

Also like magnets and cards, there are plenty of websites offering labels already.  But one website warns that the label will crumple and break if it is touched too much, and another might offer low resolution (choppy) printing.

The bottle labels that Save the Date Originals is offering now are actually waterproof.  They aren't indestructible, but guests can touch them without getting ink on their hands.  You can even put one under a faucet, pour water on it, and... it will still look good!

Get a custom label designed today:

Friday, May 16, 2014

Chevron Pattern Invitations

The chevron pattern has been a popular one in recent years;  And now Save the Date Originals finally has a wedding invitation with a chevron pattern!

This picture shows a basic invitation set: 5x7 inch invitation card + 3.5x5 inch response card.  The chevron rows are in varying shades of a teal blue.  The fun extra for this particular example is a lined mailing envelope with a matching chevron pattern.

Check out pricing here:

Friday, May 9, 2014

Girl Develop It

Save the Date Originals is happy to be working on a few graphics for the new Boise, Idaho branch of Girl Develop It.  (Their FB page)

GDI is a non profit and the goal is to teach more women how to program! Check out the main website ( because there are 25+ chapters in the US and one might be near you.

Check out the Boise logo:

And their LinkedIn graphic:

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Yay: Flags!

Save the Date Originals is now experimenting with flags.

These won't be cloth flags- these will be printed cards attached to sticks.

What can you use flags for?  

*  You could get flags to put in your centerpieces as table numbers.

*  You could use flags as photo props (wedding date, or a "Mr" and "Mrs" pair).

*  You could get a bunch of "Yay" flags as favors.

*  You could get a couple of signs to direct people.

Pricing will vary depending on the printed design, card shape, and needed stick size.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Favor Magnet Design

This could potentially be turned into a save the date magnet, but this design is actually a favor magnet.  The idea is to send them with thank you cards as a momento.  At 5x3.5 inches, this design fits 3 nicely sized photographs, the wedding date, and the couple's names.  Along the horizontal line, we can even fit in the married last name.

In this case, the lines are teal colored, but whether that is a good option for your personal version really depends on the photographs;  It might turn out that the lines should be white or black to contrast with the photographs, in which case, that curved border and the names could be in your wedding color.

Check out 5x3.5 inch magnet pricing here:

Monday, April 14, 2014

Summer Lovebird Invitations

This invitation idea came from a set that was created for summer beach wedding in Wisconsin at the South Shore Pavilion.  The wedding colors are loosely ivory and burgundy, though there might be a few pinks here and there.  Their theme: lovebirds 

This design idea actually come from their save the date, which was of course smaller, but was similar.  Their save the date included a cute photograph of the couple with the wording also on the right.  Thinking to try something similar but different for the invitations, I searched for a photograph that would work well for their theme.  This photo turned up, and is just about perfect for their summer wedding invitations.  Two birds + flowers!

The dark red envelopes are close enough to burgundy to work, and would add a little extra awesome.  (Dark envelopes do need labels for writing the addresses on though)

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Love Birds Save the Date

This 3.5x4 inch save the date magnet design is cute!  The lovebirds are in yellow, with a lighter blue background, and white stylized "branches".  The wording is in a darker grey/blue.  

This design was included as part of Maven Bride's recent birds & blue wedding inspiration post. Check it out for some more ideas!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Save the Date Magnet Holder Cards

A lot of people either buy or make holder cards for their magnets when they order a small size (like 2x3.5 inches) that is too small to mail out.

There is also the case of the 2x8 photostrip magnet- it's a lot thinner than any envelope size, so people will often make holders for that case too.

Another reason is just to enjoy the presentation.  Check out this 5x7 inch holder card, paired with a photographic 4x2.5 inch magnet.  The card includes hotel information, which you have to admit, is very useful for guests who will need to travel.

This is a classic save the date idea;  Looks good, isn't overly complicated, and is informative.  This example uses navy and gold colors, but to personalize, you could go with different color pair.  How the wording will fit on the magnet depends a lot on the photograph used- you can see that there needs to be some background space in the chosen photograph.

Cards can hold a magnet via slits, like this example, or with photo corners, or maybe even ribbon.

Cost would depend on a few things;  Not the least of which is how many you need.  A good 2014 estimate is for a complete set like the pictured example is $1.80, but that is just an estimate.  You'll need to email about your version of this idea to get a firm price quote.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Doctor Who Baby Shower

Hee.  How can one resist?  This is a 4.4x6.2 inch shower invitation with some whovian influence.

This card is made of white card stock;  The gray starry background is part of the printed design.  The circles at the top supposedly means "Baby!" in timelord language, but I can't vouch for that 100%, not being able to read the language myself.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Save the Date Magnet Discount

Looking for Save the Date Magnets that look good, but still want to see if you can catch a sale?

Well if you sign up for the STDO newsletter in March of 2014, you can get $10.00 off your first printed magnet order of $30.00 or more.

Sign up here:

Save the Date Originals offers magnets that are printed at a high resolution, that have a glossy finish, and aren't super flimsy.  20+ sizes, which just about any design possible.  Get save the date magnets for your wedding or business card magnets for yourself.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sweet 16 Broadway invitations

One of the recent projects I am featuring is for a sweet 16 party.  This customer had previously ordered a personalized version of a ticket save the date magnet design (this save the date) and wanted invitations that would match.

This party invitation design is red, white, and black.  The main feature of the design is the red curtains on the left, which imply a concert/play/broadway/theater theme.  This invitation is about 8x4 inches.

I don't offer a lot of lined envelope options, but it just so happens that there were red lined envelopes of the right size available, so who could resist.

Click on the image for the pricing page.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Football themed pocketfold invitation

There were actually already a couple of sports themed wedding invitations on the Save the Date Originals website, but, both were baseball related.  It was time for some football love, and thanks to a recent customer, a new wedding invitation is now on the website.

For those customers going for the touchdown, I present a 5.25x7.25 inch dark green pocketfold invitation with a football and two helmets in the design.

The 4x5.25 inch response card is also set up to mimic a football field just for extra fun:

This pocketfold set comes with white response and outer envelopes.  Like all the invitations, of course it could be modified with different wording, colors, envelopes, etc.

Check out more info here:

Saturday, February 15, 2014

New year, new family reunions

One of my favorite projects this month was a simple 2.5x4 inch save the date magnet for a family reunion in New York.  The main feature is a tree made out of words: Genealogy, family, children, teenager, parents, brother, etc.

Pricing for this magnet size can be found here:

And if the design isn't on the official Save the Date Originals website yet, just submit your email address through the Contact form on the website to get started on a personalized version of this design idea.